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Sony Introduces an Even Slimmer PS3 Available for the Holidays

posted Wednesday Sep 19, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Introduces an Even Slimmer PS3 Available for the Holidays

Holiday season is right around the corner, and you know what that means: new consoles! For Sony, however, it appears that they've taken a slightly different approach to the term new. If you recall, a few months back we saw a new generation of PS3s appear under the codename "Orbis." Now, while some might have thought this would be for the next-generation of Sony console, most believed it was a slimmer, sleeker, sexier version of the bulky PlayStation 3. Not to be outdone by Nintendo, today Sony officially went on record to announce this new console just in time for your Black Friday shopping.

What will the new PS3s cost you and what great flavors will the new Sony product come in? The details await you after the break.

I guess you can say Sony tried to steal the show at this week's Tokyo Game Show. On September 25th you can put down $269 for a 250GB "super slim" PS3 that will come with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Game of the Year Edition), along with DLC for Dust 514. If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can wait until the day before Halloween, where a 500GB PS3 with Assassin's Creed III will run you $299. That's a lot of hard drive space. Both come with a silver stand to place this console vertically, not that you'd want to ruin your discs by doing that.

Sony says the new South Beach diet version of the PS3 is 20 percent smaller and a quarter of the weight than the current slim version on the market today. As pointed out in the pictures in the previous article, the aesthetics of the new PlayStation are pretty great. It's finally appealing, without losing any of its "I'm a badass video processor" vibe. Two big differences exist in this model though, first being that a top-load sliding door will replace the current slot-loading drive and the second is a drop in power consumption from 200 watts to 190 watts.

As an aside, for those in other countries where it's available, September 28th will bring the new PS3 to you with a 12GB SSD with an expandable port. In November, Japan will also be getting a white edition of the super slim PS3 as well, but no word if either of those versions will make its way to the States. More importantly, the new PS3 brings the console to Brazil, where as we all know, consoles take ten years to show up legally.

All I know is that I can't wait to pickup one of the skinnier PS3s so that my entertainment center doesn't have an eyesore sticking off the top of it. How about you? Tell us if you're interested in the comments section below.


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