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Netflix > Pay-Per-Download

posted Saturday Aug 8, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Netflix > Pay-Per-Download

With such a competitive market for home movie-viewing, subscription services, such as Netflix, seem to be outshining them all. There were many doubts originally about streaming videos, but as we have seen, this method is creating the most revenue and is very economical is this unstable economy, for consumers. Fees can get expensive for these subscription services due to monthly charges, but overall, Netflix is doing much better, with 25 times more downloads then pay-per-download customers and producing 20 times the revenue. Obviously something must be working for them.

Pay per download services are simply being washed away, not only by subscription services, but also by the Redbox, which can be found just about anywhere and priced at $1.00 a day instead of the usual $3.00-$5.00 it can cost for a 24-hour download by a PPD service. Still, Netflix seems to be the best choice, starting at a little over $4.99 a month subscribers have access to unlimited streaming straight to their Xbox or any other Netflix-ready device, which is certainly more convenient than having to pick up/drop off DVDs every time you wish to see a new one, and less expensive for movie buffs looking to keep up with the latest movies. If it continues at this rate, streaming may certainly be the preferred way for consumers to view movies from home.


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