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Liz Roche: CIO Priorities - Thinking Differently

posted Friday Jun 29, 2012 by Contributor

Liz Roche: CIO Priorities - Thinking Differently

Liz Roche is a Strategist with Strategic IT Advisory Services and global leader of portfolio management for HP Technology Consulting. In this role, she is responsible for creating, bringing to market, and managing the portfolio of strategic IT advisory services.

In her most recent blog post , she talks about her presentation at HPDiscover 2012 on CIO priorities. In the interview, she speaks about some of the findings at an MIT-Sloan conference and discusses how CIO's have to demonstrate business value and return from adaptation of the latest technologies.

The video interview from the HP Discover 2012 event by the SDR News team is available after the break.

The source link below will provide additional information related to the interview.


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