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Jeff Carlat: Proactive Service and Support

posted Thursday Jun 28, 2012 by Contributor

Jeff Carlat: Proactive Service and Support

Jeff Carlat is Director of Marketing at Hewlett-Packard, and is responsible for working with customers to minimize the cost and downtime impact of remedial action - which can be as much as $12-18 Million per hour in certain situations. The problem facing almost every CIO is that the expense of keep existing operations running consumes 75-80% of the IT budget- the majoritiy of the IT spend being labor.

Reducing human error and delay in finding and fixing problems is key part of a proactive strategy, integrating logistic support and response to the support telemetry. Logging in from a mobile device, the manager using Insight Online can monitor service, contract, warranty and license information.

Using this online capability, HP has been able to achieve a 66% improvement in response time.

The video interview from the HP Discover 2012 event by the SDR News team is available after the break.

The source link below will provide additional information related to the interview.


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