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E.G. Nadhan: Synergies - Big Data, Cloud Computing and Analytics

posted Thursday Jun 28, 2012 by Contributor

E.G. Nadhan: Synergies - Big Data, Cloud Computing and Analytics

E.G.Nadhan, Lead Technologist, HP Enterprise Services, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry delivering solutions in distributed environments. As the Lead Technologist for Global Strategic Capabilities within HP Enterprise Services (Applications), Nadhan leverages his experience to build and grow the standardized set of processes and tooling direction within Application Services.

There are certain synergies that apply across multiple industries thanks to the powerful combination of Cloud and Big Data, which opens up a wealth of data for context-specific analysis.

In this interview, Nadhan discusses:

1. Is the realization of such synergies within an industry unique to this combination? Have similar synergies been realized in the past?

2. How do you analyze historical data on multiple platforms - legacy or otherwise? What are the challenges involved?

3. Which industries are likely to take the lead on the realization of industry clouds and why?

Nadhan is the co-chair for the Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure project within The Open Group's Cloud Computing Work Group. He chairs the HP Open Group Strategy Steering Committee that enforces consistency in the level and nature of HP participation and contributions to The Open Group.

The video interview from the HP Discover 2012 event by the SDR News team is available after the break.

The source link below will provide additional information related to the interview.


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