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Pete Johnson: Developing HP Public Cloud

posted Thursday Jun 28, 2012 by Contributor

Pete Johnson: Developing HP Public Cloud

Developer Experience Manager Pete Johnson provided a demonstration of the public cloud interface during one of the keynote presentations at HP Discover 2012.

The Public cloud services provided by HP is based on the OpenStack community, allowing you the flexibility to change services to another OpenStack provider in the future.

HP's experience in building data centers - enabling customers to bring processes back into a private cloud as needed - yet offer major CAPEX savings during periods of peak load for only a few days.

HP also has a number of public beta offerings, including CDN partnering with Akamai for media delivery.

The video interview from the HP Discover 2012 event by the SDR News team is available after the break.

The source link below will provide additional information related to the interview.


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