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Nintendo Unleashes a Flurry of Hardcore WiiU Titles at E3

posted Tuesday Jun 12, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Nintendo Unleashes a Flurry of Hardcore WiiU Titles at E3

At the Nintendo E3 press conference, there was a lot riding on Nintendo to deliver the goods and the hardware. While some might have been left with a bitter taste in their mouth because an actual WiiU wasn't on stage, the company did manage to show off 23 new titles that were coming out for the WiiU or 3DS.

However, in true Nintendo form, several of those titles were lumped together in what we like to call their "rapidfire title sequence." The problem, though, is that Nintendo could have really impressed us by going into more detail with some of the upcoming releases, which usually aren't games that people would associate or even see on a Nintendo console.

What are the games that we'll see? Did you miss the "rapidfire" session? It's okay, they covered 7 titles in under 90 seconds. We have you covered with full trailers and more after the break.

The first title that was shown was THQ's Darksiders II: Death Lives. Again, this is not a typical Nintendo title but now makes its way to the new WiiU console. It's what you would expect to see out of a Darksiders title.

Up next was a title that definitely shocked me. EA's Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back will have a home on the WiiU and should not come with the crappy ending from its hardcore console counterpart. Seeing the N7 units shooting it up on a Nintendo platform, albeit different, seemed to fit right in for me.

Namco Bandai made a return to awesome games with two titles that will be launching on the WiiU. The first is the wonderful, fun and goofy vehicle shooter, Tank! Tank! Tank!. It's almost similar to Twisted Metal, minus the blood, gore and dark theme. Okay, so it's not at all like that game except for the whole tank shooting thing.

Namco Bandai also is responsible for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you check out the trailer, you can see the very cool Snoop Dogg bonus stage, which is reason enough to buy the game. Any fan of the Tekken series will be very pleased with how this game looks and I'm sure it will play just as well, if not better, than iterations' past.

For those of you into the fantasy world, Frozenbyte's Trine 2: Director's Cut may be just for you. Using physics-based puzzles with fire, water and gravity to shape how you play the game, it seems like a fun, pick-up-and-play experience with some friends. This Director's Cut will feature a "party mode" for up to 4 players either on of offline.

If you thought the intensity would subside by now, you were mistaken. Add Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge to the list of games that we'll see when WiiU launches this holiday. Using the Wii U Pro Controller to change your weapons, gear and more, this version of Ninja Gaiden seems to run right at the top of the pack when it comes to the type of gameplay and graphics we've come to expect from the franchise.

Lastly, we were pleased to see that Aliens Colionial Marines would also be a WiiU title. Talk about an intense killing game! This is not a game for your children or the young ones.

So, now that you've seen and learned more about the rapidfire games for the WiiU, which ones are you excited about? Have any of these games made you change your mind about purchasing a WiiU if you weren't going to? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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