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Koss Creates the STRIVA Line of Wi-Fi Headphones and Earbuds

posted Sunday Jun 3, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Koss Creates the STRIVA Line of Wi-Fi Headphones and Earbuds

I know everybody is in the gaming and entertainment mindset, however until Tuesday, those industries will be quieter until the big day comes. In the meantime, we can talk about some gadget products that will provide countless hours of entertainment. Close enough, right?

This week, Koss Corporation released something we didn't see at CES. Their STRIVA headphones are an over-the-ear design that will stream music to the headset via Wi-Fi by accessing the Internet and sites like Pandora and Last.fm.

How does this all work? The details are after the break.

Koss' new system, the STRIVA Core, which is a micro-sized computer that runs off a battery that acts like a web server along with the Wi-Fi hardware, is small enough to fit on the front of a dime. That coin-sized device is then places inside the headphones.

Additionally, Koss developed the MyKoss server which connects the STRIVA headphones to Internet-streaming sites wirelessly. The server has the ability to search the Internet for all available streams and then catalog those for the user.

Along with the headphones you also get the STRIVA CAP (content access point), which will allow you to plug into an existing computer or MP3 player and stream whatever you want to your headphones, so you're not just stuck listening to music you can't control all the time. The CAP works like a mini wireless access point to send the signal between your device and the headphones.

Koss' over-the-ear version will net you gesture controls on the cup of the headphone, which will let you adjust volume and channels just by using your fingers. For those that want more portability, the STRIVA TAP is an in-ear solution that is only 1.5" long. No wires are needed for these guys and each earbud continuously synchronizes with one another to make sure the sound is playing at the same time through both earpieces. How cool is that?

The PRO and TAP STRIVAs are available only through Koss.com right now for $450 and $500. Are you going to put your hands on these things? We want to know about your experience! Also be sure to click the source link below to learn more!


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