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Sony Sales Slump

posted Sunday Aug 2, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Sales Slump

The latest report by Sony stated that sales of the Sony PS3 continue to decline worldwide. In the last quarter, ending June 30, Sony suffered an astounding loss of $390.5 million dollars. Thanks to Angels&Demons, Sony's sales did improve in the motion picture division 6.5%, but this did not make up for great losses in every other department. As compared to last year, Sony's sales in both gaming and computers have declined 37.4%, according to an article in The New York Times.

The report stated that in comparison to last year, both the amount of PS3s and PSPs have decreased substantially. This time last year 1.6 million PS3s and 3.7 million PSPs were sold, where as this year only 1.1 million consumers purchased PS3s and 1.3 million purchased PSPs. Sales may be down due to the rumors racing across the internet about a possible new PSP and PS3 slim. Sony hopes to improve sales by promoting the PSP Go and announcing exclusive titles for both the PSP and PS3, coming out this holiday season.

Although these numbers don't look good, It may make Sony feel better to know that the number of Wii consoles sold has decreased 66% this quarter, according to a recent report by Nintendo. Last year at this time Nintendo sold 5.17 million Wiis, but this year produced a much lower number at 2.23 million Wii consoles sold. But, in better news for Nintendo, a profit of $445 million was posted and sales expect to reach 26 million Wii consoles and 30 million DS handheld game players by the end of the year. When asked for comment, Nintendo wasn't sure if that was a lot of money.


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