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MyLink Radio by Chevy

posted Saturday Jan 28, 2012 by Contributor

MyLink Radio by Chevy

Most people today especially teenagers and young adults want to be connected with their music and phones at all times, including when they are in their cars. Often though the cars that have infotainment systems are above the budget they can afford. If you are a fan of the Chevy brand than you maybe in luck.

In 2012 Chevy is introducing the MyLink Radio for two of their entry level vehicles the Chevy Spark and the Chevy Sonic. The MyLink Radio comes with AM/FM and SirusXM installed. You can connect a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, a USB device or an iPod. Then the music plays directly though your car speakers and you can see what is playing by looking at the MyLink system instead of having to pick up your device. MyLink Radio will also come with the ability to launch Pandora and the Stitcher Radio apps.

The apps themselves will run and be updated through the phone. You can also make calls through the system either by using the touchpad on the screen or buttons on the steering wheel. It also pulls the information from your phone directly on to the device. There is also an option to view slideshows or watch movies through MyLink Radio. Because of safety issues this will only work in when the car is in park.

The MyLink Radio is an optional feature and should be available in June for the Spark and in September for the Sonic. They are considering opening up the API for other developers. This will be a great option for those who want to be connected but can't afford those vehicle with the full infotainment systems.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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