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Bear Naps in NJ Basement, Woken Up By Cable Guy

posted Sunday Dec 18, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Bear Naps in NJ Basement, Woken Up By Cable Guy

My home state always seems to have something weird and random in the news at least twice a year. Either that, or there's some new smell emanating from the state because we're downwind from New York. I'm talking about my Garden State, New Jersey.

This week, something interesting came across my wire that certainly beats the pants off of the burning squirrel car story we talked about a couple years ago.

Courtesy of The New York Post and with special thanks to the great city of Hopatcong, NJ, I will simply quote The Post's article, which is also available in the source link below. I simply cannot do this story any better justice than the short, concise version provided by them.

A cable TV repairman got quite a surprise when he walked into the basement of a New Jersey home.

There was a 500-pound bear sound asleep on the floor.

The bear had been spotted wandering in the neighborhood in Hopatcong earlier Wednesday. It's not clear how it got into the home.

The bear ambled out of the house before state Fish and Game officials arrived.

WNBC-TV in New York reports the officials fired a tranquilizer dart at the animal, which walked a few blocks to the Missouri Trail before it was knocked out.

Officials plan to relocate the bear.

In a follow up, the bear has demanded that the next place it decides to crash at must have Verizon's potentially upgraded network, or at least a nice fish spread. The bear has been reported to have not had high remarks on the large assortment of spray tan bottles, stating that they "taste like regret and shame." When asked why he decided to nap, he said that he was hiding his eyes from the possible burn they could suffer after hearing news that Jersey Shore would be returning to TV.

Photo courtesy of Westfield, MA Educational System.


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