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VALVe Locked and Loaded for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

posted Sunday Aug 14, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

VALVe Locked and Loaded for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rumors have been flying around regarding a possible new Counter-Strike game. If anyone remembers, about twelve years ago, Counter-Strike revolutionized the way shooters are played, how one should design a shooter and how much fun you can have if you have awesome AWP skills. For those who were engaged in conversation about a new CS game on the Steam forums, they got to see Valve employee Cliffe lay down two words that had a lot of meaning behind them: Global Offensive. Shortly after that, the anti-cheat company ESEA's Facebook page had a message to share, saying "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive... More info in the morning."

Well, confirmation of a new game from VALVe hit this week as a press release was sent out talking about an early 2012 release for the correctly titled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the XBLA, PSN and Steam.

We have the press release and more news after the break.

With this revamped edition of a classic, CS:GO will be a downloadable title that will bring new maps, classes and weapons to several platforms along with improved renditions of the classics, like de_dust. We will also see enhancements that are typical with current shooters, such as additional game modes, matchmaking capabilities and leaderboards. For those attending PAX Prime, you'll be able to play this bad boy at the convention!

Are you excited? I am! Can't wait to be saving the hostages and defusin' some bombs again! Xbox gamers can rejoice as there will be a new, fresh shooter title on the market. Of course, the Call of Duty and HALO fanboys won't budge, but this sure opens up the ones who got tired of the lack of creativity of those games to some great "old school title meets new school console" style of shooting.

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