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Soon-to-be Apple Store Gets Some Window Pains

posted Sunday Jun 5, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Soon-to-be Apple Store Gets Some Window Pains

What can you do if you wear an orange construction worker vest? Apparently anything you want to! The world's soon-to-be largest Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany fell victim to a team called the .WAV Collective.

The group went to the construction site, with the storefront draped in the customary black covers, set up a safety fence, propped up a ladder and drilled pre-made Windows logo panels to the exterior wall of the store. Oh, by the way, it was in the middle of the day.

You call it vandalism, I call it working for a cure. The cure to rid the world of anything Apple, including its potential customers, at least temporarily. I would also call it creativity at its finest. A piece that could even rival Da Vinci himself. Okay, I could also call it vandalism.

Whatever color you want to paint it (hopefully Windows blue, yellow, red and green and not metallic Apple silver), we have the video after the break.


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