PLUGHITZ Live Interview Policies

Interview Policies

Interview and Editing Style

At PLUGHITZ Live, we take our responsibility to conduct fair interviews very seriously. Our goal is always to represent an individual, company, or organization's brand accurately. Our goal is never to embarrass our guests or the brand they are representing. We believe that an accurate, positive conversation is always more attractive to listeners and viewers than a tabloid-style "gotcha" interview. As such, we will never edit a conversation in such a way that the context of an answer is any different than the context in which we asked.

We do everything in our power to edit an interview so that it is exactly as it was filmed, in the order it was filmed. From time to time, a technical issue or a conversational glitch may prevent us from airing part or all of an interview. In this case, we will remove the entire section of the interview, not just part of a question or answer. This ensures that the context is never lost and the meaning of a question or answer is not inadvertently changed.

Publishing Process

Our goal is always to publish an interview as quickly as possible after it is conducted. Once an event is complete, the interviews from that event will be edited by our team. Once the audio and video are completed, a write-up is produced describing the interview and the individual, company, or organization featured. Interviews are published at no more than 3 per day to comply with the standard subscription policies on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, who only notify subscribers about 3 episodes at a time.

Because of the small size of our team and the schedule of events, occasionally publishing can be delayed.

Editorial Consideration

The publishing of an interview is done solely at the discretion of the editorial staff, with the final decision resting with our Editor-in-Chief. If an interview is disingenuous or the value of the interview cannot be determined, the editorial staff may decide not to publish an interview. This determination may also be made if the interview, guest or represented organization is found to not align with our company's target demographic. For example, we will not publish any content that contains offensive language or adult materials.

Content Ownership

PLUGHITZ Live retains legal ownership of any content that is produced. We will always make all interviews available for sharing on guest, company, or organization websites, and will always provide links that can be shared via newsletters, social media, etc. PLUGHITZ Live will respond to any breach of our intellectual property with all legal recourses available, including reporting any social media account sharing unofficial versions of our interviews.

Removing Content

Any removal of content is done solely at the discretion of the editorial staff, with the final decision resting with our Editor-in-Chief. If, for any reason, the staff deems it necessary to remove content after publishing, there will be no notification to the guest or press contact. Guests or press contacts may request that an interview be removed but, because of the great cost of producing content, it is unlikely that a request will be honored. If a request is honored, we cannot guarantee the full removal, as we do not have editorial approval over our publishing partners or their policies.

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