Neakasa P2 Pro Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats: What's Inside? - Show Notes

Neakasa P2 Pro Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats: What's Inside?

Friday Jun 9, 2023 (00:12:11)


The Neakasa P2 Pro is a grooming kit designed for dogs and cats. This product was showcased at CES 2023 and has received positive reviews from users. The grooming kit comes in a large box that contains various attachments, a user's guide, a power cable, and the machine itself.

Neakasa P2 Pro: Great grooming kit

One of the key features of the Neakasa P2 Pro is its ability to vacuum up hair while grooming. The attachments include brushes, a standard trimmer, and a "pointy vacuum bit," a thin attachment similar to those on a shop vac. The brushes have firm bristles and a vacuum sealing spot in the middle. The trimmer comes with different shields for different lengths. The thin attachment is used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

The machine itself is straightforward to use and has a release button at the back and front to remove the middle part for cleaning. The vacuum power level can be controlled using a dial, and the hose is removable for easy cleaning. The device also comes with a foot stand for stability during use.

One of the significant advantages of the Neakasa P2 Pro is its quiet operation, even at all three vacuum power levels. This feature is particularly useful when grooming pets that are easily frightened by loud noises, including Beau, who entered the studio because of the sound of the device.

Overall, the Neakasa P2 Pro is a great grooming kit for pet owners. Its ability to vacuum up hair while grooming saves time and effort. The various attachments cater to different grooming needs, and the device's quiet operation is a significant advantage. The product's user guide is well-designed and available in multiple languages, making it easy to understand and use.

New vacuum with powerful attachments

The Neakasa P2 Pro is a new vacuum with powerful attachments that are specifically designed for pet owners. This device is an all-in-one grooming kit that allows pet owners to groom their pets while vacuuming up hair at the same time. This is a great feature that saves time and effort, and it is especially useful for pet owners who have pets that shed a lot.

One of the key advantages of the Neakasa P2 Pro is its powerful attachments. The device comes with a range of attachments that cater to different grooming needs. For example, there is a brush attachment that is perfect for removing loose hair and dirt from your pet's coat. There is also a vacuum attachment that is designed to suck up hair and dirt from your pet's coat, leaving it clean and shiny, or to clean hair from furniture and clothing.

Another advantage of the Neakasa P2 Pro is its quiet operation. This is a significant advantage, especially for pet owners who have pets that are easily frightened by loud noises. The device operates quietly, which means that it is less likely to scare your pet and make them anxious during the grooming process.

The Neakasa P2 Pro also comes with a well-designed user guide that is available in multiple languages. This makes it easy for pet owners to understand and use the device, even if they are not familiar with the language in which the user guide is written.

In conclusion, the Neakasa P2 Pro is a great grooming kit for pet owners. Its powerful attachments, quiet operation, and well-designed user guide make it easy to use and highly effective. If you are a pet owner who is looking for a device that can help you groom your pet while vacuuming up hair at the same time, then the Neakasa P2 Pro is definitely worth considering.


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Scott Ertz (00:00)

Hello internet, I'm Scott and this is PLUGHITZ Live Unboxed. Today we're going to take a look at the P2 Pro, which is a grooming kit from Neakasa for dogs and theoretically cats. We saw this at CES, they demoed it for us at CES, so you can definitely check out that video. But now we have one in our hands and we get to see everything that comes in this very large box, so let's take a look. The demo that we saw at CES was pretty fantastic. They brought with them a rug that was a very shag style rug and they cut it. And we were a little worried because there was the possibility of there being hair all over our studio for the rest of CES and there was not. So definitely a great starting point for our review on the product. First things first, we have a very nice user's guide. It's available in multiple languages, but nice gloss finish, good quality printing and everything, that's good. All right, so here we have a tool that I guess a piece that is for holding all of the attachments. Here we have one of our attachments. Take it out of the plastic. It is a brush. It's got nice firm bristles on it and then of course down the middle it's also got the vacuum sealing spot. Now, on the piece here, there are little pictures of all the pieces. I was hoping that perhaps they would match up the pictures on here, but they haven't. I think it's this one. Let's keep going. All right, what else have we got? We have got a standard trimmer looking attachment, right? It looks like what you would see if you went to the barber shop. It says 10, 1.2 millimeter right there. So that I'm guessing is this one, which definitely suggests that this is in the wrong spot. I do wish that the icons carried over, but you know, it is what it is. Here we have another attachment. It's a brush. Again, like most of this, it's got the vacuum down the middle. That's definitely this piece. Now we have our power cable. This is a standard figure-eight power cable. Nothing particularly special about this, which is good. I like standards and I like when they're used. I think that's it for this top piece of packing. Now in here, before I get the big guy out, we've got a giant bit of tubing. The tubing will connect to the device and then to our attachments here. I've got, I think, another attachment. It looks like what you would see on a shop vac. It's just a pointy vacuum bit. I don't know if there's a picture for this one. For right now, that'll sit there. All right. Here is our machine. It's got some extra packing inside of it. We'll get to that in a moment. Take this out. And this. I think that does it for what's in the box. It does seem like maybe there would be one more attachment since there are five spaces on our little wheel here. But this is what we have. All right. Now we have our device. The device itself, if I remember correctly, is very straightforward. I think there's a release back here. I don't remember exactly how it works. There's a release and oh, there's one on the front too. There we go. You can take the entire middle bit out. This is how you would then clean it. This release here is to open the bottom. So we can get this out. There's a box. This might have another piece in it. So we put this back together. I don't remember how I took this out. Not a great idea to not be paying attention. There we go. There we go. All right. Let's see what's in our box. And then we'll take a look at all of the bits and pieces over there. Ah, here are our other two. Oh, some more stuff. OK, so this here is a package of different blades for our trimmer, different shields for the trimmer. So that's good. We can do different lengths this way. I think there might be a guard of some sort in here that I'm going to pop out so we don't lose it. And then we have this is the one that she showed off during the interview, I believe. It's similar to this guy, but with a slightly different. This is more. Oh, no, that's right. This is what she showed off during the interview. This is more like a straight up comb. All of them have this cool release on them. So you brush, you brush, you brush, you push the button and the vacuum hole here in the front sucks up the hair. Pretty cool. I think this is this one. Pretty sure that one's that one. And maybe that's that. All right. This piece is a foot stand for it, which makes it a whole lot easier to to use on the ground. So it's sitting with control, right? You're not wider base. Less likely it is to tip over. We're dealing with dogs here on the what I assume to be front, which is facing me right now. There are two things that we were shown during our interview. This here, this dial controls the power level of the vacuum. The vacuum itself at all three levels is really quiet, like surprisingly quiet. And then down here is our hose. One of the big differences between this device and its predecessor is that its predecessor did not have the removable hose, I believe, which is obviously a nice, a nice change. Dog choose this. You don't have to dump the whole thing. Now, you may have just noticed that I just struggled with this. These plugs are very, very similar to one another. This one's slightly larger than this one. But if you're not paying attention, they're very similar. And only one of them fits into here. I think it's the big one. So you put you put that in there. You get your attachment. You plug your attachment in here. You would then plug the power in, which I don't know that I've found. Got it. Power is there. So we take our figure eight power cable. Unwrap. And we will see just how loud the production model is versus the one that was brought to us in the studio. So flip this to figure eight. Both sides can go in. We're dealing with alternating current. Do this. Plug it in. And now we can try out the sound, the volume of the vacuum. So on level one, I mean, it makes noise, but not a ton. Enough. It does make noise, but not a ton. This is what I remember from CES. If I kick it to two, it's definitely loud, louder. And on three, it's like a small shop vac. Interestingly, the noise has summoned my dog, who is curious as to what's going on. So we will be trying this system on Bo, who is still currently sitting right next to me. Maybe not the grooming because of the type of hair he has, but certainly the brush here. I'm super excited to try this on him because he's a big shedder. So that'll be good. We'll be trying some of the grooming stuff on some of the other dogs in the company. When you're done, it's really easy. The you push the blue button, you pull the attachment off, put the attachment back. You push the blue button. You pull. The hose is now clear. Everything's ready to go. You unplug the power. You can put this in your laundry room or wherever. Obviously, there's a lot to this machine. There's a lot of attachments. A lot of things to be used. Definitely looking forward to using the little vacuum attachment to see how this does with, say, furniture. To get dog hair off the furniture because again, big shedder. Also the brush. So we will be putting together a review on the product. And that will be available at slash reviews. If you want to see other unboxings, you can go to Unboxed.Live. Or of course, you can go to our YouTube channel @plughitzlive. And until next time, ciao.

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