Palm Beach Bots and the evolution of combat robotics @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

Palm Beach Bots and the evolution of combat robotics @ CES 2024

Wednesday May 15, 2024 (00:10:55)


Accessible kits for combat robots are transforming how individuals interact with the field of robotics. These kits, developed by Palm Beach Bots, are simplifying the process for individuals to construct and participate in combat robot events. Moreover, they are being utilized in educational environments to impart valuable skills in CAD design and 3D printing to students.

Accessible kits for combat robots

The journey to create these accessible kits was driven by a passion for combat robotics and a vision to make the hobby more accessible to the public. Recognizing that traditional 250-pound robots, often seen on TV shows like BattleBots, were not practical for weekend events, the focus shifted towards developing kits for smaller, more manageable robots weighing between one and three pounds. These kits, known as Antweight and Beetleweight robots, enable individuals to participate in combat robot events without the need for large enclosures or specialized equipment.

His interest in the sport was sparked when he watched BattleBots on TV and decided to attend a live taping in Long Beach, California. This experience led him to local events and eventually to build his own robot using a Viper kit. His dedication to the hobby inspired him to create his own arena and organize robot fights at events such as Maker Faire Orlando and the South Florida Fair. His active involvement in these events culminated in his being invited to bring 250-pound robots to the fair in 2022, demonstrating his commitment to expanding the sport of combat robotics.

Sharing the passion with others

A remarkable aspect of Andy's journey is his eagerness to share his passion with others. He not only participated in robot fights but also organized events and displays to introduce more people to the world of combat robotics. His work with Palm Beach Bots has provided opportunities for individuals to participate in robot fighting and has opened doors for STEM education in schools.

Andy's efforts are not only promoting his own passion for combat robotics but are also inspiring others to engage in the hobby. By making combat robot kits more accessible and organizing events for people to showcase their creations, Andy is fostering a community of robot enthusiasts who are passionate about building and competing with their creations.

Educational destruction

What distinguishes these kits is their educational value. In schools, educators, even those without a background in robotics, are using these kits to engage students in hands-on learning experiences. By providing CAD files and STL files, educators are empowered to integrate robotics into their curriculum and teach students valuable skills in design and engineering. The kits serve as a conduit between traditional classroom learning and real-world application, making learning an engaging and enjoyable experience for students.

Furthermore, the commitment to making combat robot events more accessible extends beyond just the kits. Efforts are also being made to create tool-less arenas that can be easily assembled and disassembled for use in schools and other educational settings. By providing plans for these arenas, it becomes easier for schools to host their own combat robot events, further engaging students in STEM education.

Conclusion: Extending the reach of combat robotics

In conclusion, Andy's story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in pursuing a hobby. His journey from a fan of BattleBots to a key figure in the world of combat robotics illustrates the impact that one person's passion can have on a community. Andy's work with Palm Beach Bots is not only broadening the world of combat robotics but is also creating opportunities for education and innovation in the field of engineering and design.

nterview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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