Perfecta's 90-Second Steak: Cooking at the Speed of Light @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

Perfecta's 90-Second Steak: Cooking at the Speed of Light @ CES 2024

Saturday May 11, 2024 (00:12:29)


SEERGRILLS has introduced the world's first AI-powered grill, Perfecta. This innovative grill employs neural fire technology to cook food swiftly and efficiently. It is equipped with a quad-core processor, sensors, and a dual vertical infrared cooking system capable of reaching temperatures of 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit. This unique cooking system operates dynamically, cooking food from both sides and edges simultaneously.

The Perfecta grill also boasts a touchscreen graphical user interface and cloud connectivity. These features allow users to choose from different cooking modes such as grill, rotisserie, pizza, oven, and chef. In grill mode, users can specify the type of cut, level of doneness, and sear preference for their food. The device then uses these user preferences and sensor data to control the cooking system, ensuring that the food is cooked to perfection.

The Perfecta grill is highlighted for its speed and efficiency. It can cook a one-inch ribeye steak in just 90 seconds and a chicken breast in two and a half minutes. The results are described as juicy and succulent, without the need for additional seasoning.

Unique ways to cook

The Perfecta grill boasts a vertical cooking setup, allowing for even cooking from both sides. This design eliminates flare-ups and ensures that food is cooked to perfection. A drip tray collects fat, preventing food incineration and facilitating hassle-free cleanup. The grill's cleanliness and ease of maintenance are further enhanced by its detachable stainless steel plates and glass construction.

A standout feature of the Perfecta grill is the chef mode, which enables users to override the AI and create their own cooking programs. This feature is particularly useful for dishes that require specific cooking processes, such as puff pastry or Wellington. Users can adjust the burners, pulse them, and save their programs for future use.

The journey of SEERGRILLS

The decision to create an AI-powered grill was influenced by the team's background in medical devices, marking a logical transition into the realm of innovative cooking technology. Overall, the Perfecta grill offers a unique and convenient way to cook food quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

The SEERGRILL team's expertise in creating complex products has led them to address the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional cooking methods, such as food wastage and food poisoning. The team's exploration into cooking technology led them to the discovery of infrared cooking as a superior method. This insight prompted the integration of advanced technologies and AI into a grill, simplifying the cooking process.

The outcome is a groundbreaking product that is not only the world's fastest and most efficient grill but also 50% more energy-efficient than other cooking methods. The grill is designed for easy cleaning, featuring removable and dishwasher-safe components.

Conclusion: A quick and easy way to cook dinner

Currently, deposits for the Perfecta grill are being accepted. The grill, priced at an MSRP of $3,500, is expected to hit the market in Q4 of this year, making it a highly anticipated addition to the culinary world. It offers a premium cooking experience that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience and efficiency.

The Perfecta grill is a significant advancement in cooking technology, offering a revolutionary way to cook food quickly and efficiently. With its advanced features, ease of use, and innovative design, the Perfecta grill is poised to transform the way we cook and enjoy food.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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