O3 Technologies brings technology to cleaning technology @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

O3 Technologies brings technology to cleaning technology @ CES 2024

Thursday May 9, 2024 (00:11:19)


Innovative cleaning solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs of consumers in a fast-paced world. One such solution is the OxiBox, a disinfection device created by O3 Technologies that uses ozone gas to effectively kill germs on soft items like shoes, backpacks, and toys. This chemical-free method has been tested and proven to be over 99.8% effective in killing live COVID-19 virus particles.

OxiBox: Disinfect, deodorize, protect

The OxiBox is a groundbreaking product that provides a comprehensive solution to cleaning and disinfecting everyday items. Initially designed for the disinfection of live viruses, the OxiBox has broadened its scope to include deodorization and protection against harmful bacteria and germs. This versatile product is capable of cleaning a wide range of items, from sports equipment like hockey gear to everyday items like shoes and children's backpacks that frequently come into contact with unclean surfaces.

The importance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily lives is essential, particularly given the volume of germs and bacteria we encounter regularly. The potential applications of the OxiBox are numerous, including its use for cleaning telephones and toilets, as well as meeting the demand for a solution to clean CPAP machines. This reflects the growing interest in innovative cleaning solutions that can simplify our lives and enhance hygiene.

The OxiBox is a promising product that provides a convenient and effective method to disinfect and deodorize items in our homes. With its capacity to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, it offers consumers a sense of protection and peace of mind. The importance of maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings is emphasized, especially in light of recent events that have underscored the significance of proper hygiene and disinfection.

Innovative cleaning solutions for all

Another cleaning product produced by O3 Technologies is the Sonic Mop, which is an adapter that turns a Swiffer Wet Jet into a Sonicare toothbrush for the floor. This adapter uses sonic technology to vibrate the surface of the floor, breaking up dirt and allowing the mop to pick up more grime. This simple yet effective solution can make cleaning floors easier and more efficient.

The company behind these innovative cleaning solutions is dedicated to creating products that make people's lives cleaner and easier. Their focus on innovation in cleaning and disinfection has led to the development of products that are not only effective but also easy to use and adapt to existing cleaning routines.

These innovative cleaning solutions offer a cleaner environment by effectively removing surface dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. By using these products, consumers can ensure that their homes and workplaces are not only visually clean but also free from harmful germs that can cause illness.

Conclusion: Affordable cleaning solutions for all of your items

One key benefit of these products is their affordability and accessibility. The Swiffer Wet Jet adapter, priced at $29.99, offers a cost-effective solution for consumers seeking to disinfect soft goods. Furthermore, these products are available for purchase on television shopping channels and online retailers, making them easily accessible to a broad consumer base.

In conclusion, innovative cleaning solutions like the OxiBox and Sonic Mop from O3 Technologies are revolutionizing the way we clean and disinfect our surroundings. By providing new and effective ways to disinfect soft goods, these products are simplifying cleaning tasks and making them more convenient for consumers. As more companies continue to innovate in this space, the future of cleaning appears to be brighter and more efficient.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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