Aiper: Unveiling the new generation of pool and lawn robots @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

Aiper: Unveiling the new generation of pool and lawn robots @ CES 2024

Monday Mar 25, 2024 (00:11:43)


Revolutionary pool cleaning technology is now available with the introduction of new and improved robotic pool cleaners from Aiper. These state-of-the-art pool cleaners have been completely redesigned based on customer feedback and are set to revolutionize the way pools are maintained.

Affordable robotic pool cleaners available

The Aiper robotic pool cleaners offer a range of models to suit different pool sizes and cleaning needs. With options such as the S1, S1 Pro, and Ultra models, pool owners can choose a cleaner that best fits their pool size and requirements. The Ultra model, in particular, stands out for its ability to clean up to 2,500 square feet, making it ideal for larger pools. This model also has the added benefit of being able to clean the walls and horizontal surfaces of the pool, ensuring a thorough cleaning every time.

The Aiper robotic pool cleaners also offer advanced technology such as floating solar-powered panels for continuous charging, making them convenient and easy to use. The inclusion of over 200 R&D professionals working on product development ensures that these pool cleaners are at the forefront of innovation and performance.

Revolutionary pool cleaning technology available

One of the key features of the new Aiper pool cleaners is their ability to navigate above-ground pools with vinyl linings. The models now come in two variations - one that is water-propelled and the other that includes a motor. The motorized model is especially beneficial for pools with inconsistencies on the bottom, as it has the power to go over ripples and obstacles that would typically hinder the cleaning process. This improvement ensures a more thorough and efficient cleaning experience for pool owners.

The introduction of the HydroComm buoy device further enhances the functionality of the Aiper pool cleaners by allowing users to remotely monitor and control their pool cleaning process. This device communicates with the pool cleaner and connects to Wi-Fi, enabling users to check and adjust pH levels and temperature, and even purchase necessary chemicals or supplies while on the go. This level of automation and control makes pool maintenance easier and more convenient for pool owners.

In addition to their advanced features and performance, the new Aiper pool cleaners also boast a sleek and modern design, reminiscent of a "Tesla of pool robots". With smooth lines and a stylish appearance, these pool cleaners not only deliver exceptional cleaning results but also add a touch of sophistication to any pool setting.

Overall, the revolutionary pool cleaning technology available with the new Aiper robotic pool cleaners sets a new standard in pool maintenance. With their advanced features, improved performance, and convenient remote monitoring capabilities, these pool cleaners are a game-changer for pool owners looking for a more efficient and effective way to keep their pools clean and pristine.

Cutting-edge robotic lawn mower

In addition to the new line of pool cleaners, Aiper announced a cutting-edge robotic lawn mower that is set to revolutionize the way we maintain our lawns. The Aiper Horizon U1 robotic lawn mower is equipped with all the necessary safety features such as optical avoidance and obstruction detection, ensuring that it can navigate around obstacles and stop if a child or pet runs in front of it. Additionally, it has a rain indicator that allows it to park itself in a charging station when it starts to rain, ensuring that it remains safe and operational.

One of the standout features of this robotic lawn mower is its ability to cover up to 20,000 square feet of property, making it suitable for large yards. The podcast mentions that it is expected to come online in the third or fourth quarter of the year and will be priced at under $2,000, making it an affordable option for homeowners.

One of the really interesting aspects of the lawn mower is that it does not require the owner to bury a navigation line. Many other robotic lawnmowers know their boundaries because of a barrier line buried underground. However, with the new Aiper lawnmowers, you only need GPS access to be able to navigate and stay within bounds. This makes installation easier, as you only need to trace out your yard on the map and not install physical barriers.

Overall, the robotic lawn mower represents a cutting-edge solution for lawn maintenance, offering advanced features, improved performance, and convenience for homeowners. With its safety features, rain indicator, and ability to cover large areas, this robotic lawn mower is poised to change the way we approach lawn care and make it easier and more efficient for homeowners to maintain their yards.

Conclusion: Robotic home maintenance without breaking the bank

The availability of the Aiper robotic pool cleaners in major retailers across the US, Canada, and Europe makes them easily accessible to consumers looking to upgrade their pool maintenance routine. With retailers such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy carrying these products, pool owners can easily find and purchase the Aiper robotic pool cleaners in their area.

The Aiper pool cleaners also come in different price points to cater to different needs and preferences. The E1 model, starting at $399, is a budget-friendly option that still offers excellent performance. The S1 model, with caterpillar tracks for wheels, is designed for pools with pop-ups or other obstacles on the bottom, ensuring smooth navigation and cleaning. The S1 Pro model takes it a step further with enhanced capacity and the ability to clean not only the walls but also the waterline of the pool. This model also includes features such as scheduled cleaning and the ability to check pH balance and temperature remotely, making pool maintenance more convenient and efficient.

The Horizon U1 lawnmower will release later this year priced under $2000. To learn more or sign up for notifications when the product becomes available for pre-order or sale, head to the website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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