PranaQ's TipTrack: Sleep tracker for precision and comfort @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

PranaQ's TipTrack: Sleep tracker for precision and comfort @ CES 2024

Sunday Mar 24, 2024 (00:08:49)


During CES 2024 PranaQ introduced a new product called TipTrack, an AI-powered sleep tracker designed for accuracy. The marketing director of the company, Alexandra Jones-Kuo, explains that the device is worn on the fingertip overnight to collect the most accurate data. The thin skin on the fingertip allows for precise data collection, making it a more accurate option compared to other wearable devices like rings or wristwatches.

The name "PranaQ" is derived from the concept of wellness, with "Prana" representing a chakra associated with wellness and "Q" referencing the measurement of wellness, similar to IQ and EQ. This shows that the company is focused on providing a holistic approach to improving sleep quality.

AI-powered sleep tracker for accuracy

One of the main features of TipTrack is its AI-powered sleep coach. This specialized chatbot is able to analyze the user's sleep patterns and provide personalized recommendations in real time. By collecting data on blood oxygen levels, heart rate, temperature variability, and even recording snoring or breathing disturbances, TipTrack is able to provide a comprehensive sleep report to help users improve their sleep quality.

The design of TipTrack also prioritizes comfort. The device is coated with silicone to prevent slipping and is breathable for a comfortable night's sleep. The adjustable strap comes in three different sizes to ensure a proper fit for all users. Additionally, wearing the device on the non-dominant hand is recommended for those who fidget during sleep, as it may reduce movement and improve data accuracy.

PranaQ promotes better sleep

During the conversation, the company representative mentioned that their target demographic is quite large, as almost everyone struggles with some form of sleep issue. Whether it be difficulty falling asleep or feeling constantly tired, PranaQ believes their product can help address these common problems.

Overall, TipTrack offers a unique and innovative solution for tracking and improving sleep quality. With its focus on accuracy, comfort, and personalized recommendations, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we monitor and optimize our sleep patterns. As technology continues to advance, AI-powered devices like TipTrack are paving the way for a more connected and informed approach to health and wellness.

The availability of TipTrack is set for April 1st, with a price of $199 for the device and a $10 monthly subscription fee for access to the Gen AI Sleep Coach. While the device is currently only available in one color, it is likely that more options will be available in the future. To learn more about PranaQ and its products, individuals can visit the company's website. The website provides detailed information about the device and where to purchase it.

Conclusion: PranaQ improves sleep without discomfort

In conclusion, PranaQ's product offers a promising solution for those looking to enhance their sleep quality. With a focus on wellness and personalized recommendations, the company is dedicated to helping individuals achieve better sleep. As technology continues to evolve, products like PranaQ's device are paving the way for a more connected and informed approach to health and wellness.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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