.simstechnology: How technology can protect you from behind @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

.simstechnology: How technology can protect you from behind @ CES 2024

Saturday Mar 16, 2024 (00:13:38)


Personal safety wearable devices have become increasingly popular in recent years as concerns about personal safety and security have grown. These devices are designed to help individuals protect themselves from potential threats and dangers, especially when they are alone or in vulnerable situations. One such innovative device is a rear-facing camera developed by .simstechnology out of Rhode Island.

Personal safety wearable device innovation

The company's devices are personal safety wearable devices that are designed to detect a human approaching from behind. This innovative technology aims to prevent assaults from behind by alerting the wearer when someone is approaching them. The devices are equipped with cameras and algorithms that can detect the presence of a person at a distance of 45 feet and alert the wearer when the person is within 25 feet. This gives the wearer enough time to assess the situation and determine if there is a potential threat.

The wearable cameras, both V1 and V2, are equipped with high frame rate cameras that continuously capture still frames at 15 frames per second. By analyzing these frames, the device can detect if a person is approaching from behind within a 25-foot radius. Once a potential threat is detected, the device sends an alert to the user's phone or smartwatch, allowing them to take action by pressing an SOS button or notifying their chosen contacts. The device also stores the photos along with GPS coordinates, ensuring that crucial information is available in the event of an emergency.

The .simstechnology devices utilize LIDAR technology to detect and recognize potential threats, such as humans, animals, and objects approaching from behind. This advanced technology allows the device to work effectively in both daylight and complete darkness, providing users with a sense of security at all times. Additionally, the devices can be attached to various items such as backpacks, waistbands, collars, hats, and running harnesses, making it versatile and accessible for different individuals and situations.

One of the key features of these devices is their ability to function even in areas with limited connectivity. While the device may not be able to send all data immediately, it can still alert the user and send a text message indicating a potential threat. Once data connectivity is restored, the device can push all stored information to the cloud, providing a comprehensive account of the situation to the user's contacts.

What sets the devices apart from other personal safety wearable devices is their ability to take into account the speed at which a person is approaching. The devices can differentiate between someone who is simply passing by and someone who is approaching with malicious intent. This feature allows the wearer to react and defend themselves if necessary.

Where did the idea come from?

The development of the devices was inspired by the personal experience of Sean Siembab, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being assaulted from behind. This experience motivated him to create a solution that could help others avoid similar incidents. Through his company, .simstechnology, Siembab has obtained three utility patents for the devices, ensuring that they are protected and can be brought to market to help save lives.

The innovation behind the devices highlights the importance of personal safety and the need for wearable technology that can provide individuals with an added layer of protection. As incidents of assaults and attacks continue to occur, especially against women, the demand for such devices is only expected to grow. The devices represent a significant step forward in personal safety technology and demonstrate how innovation can be driven by personal experiences and a desire to make the world a safer place.

Conclusion: A small way to stay safe outside

In conclusion, the development of personal safety wearable devices like the devices by .simstechnology showcases the power of innovation in addressing real-world problems. These devices have the potential to make a significant impact in improving personal safety and security for individuals, especially those who may be at risk of assaults or attacks. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial that we continue to explore new ways to leverage it for the greater good and create solutions that can help protect and empower individuals in their daily lives.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Scott Ertz

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