Nanshee: A proactive app for harassment prevention at work @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

Nanshee: A proactive app for harassment prevention at work @ CES 2024

Friday Feb 23, 2024 (00:08:20)


Yoline Eckly, the executive director at Nanshee, has introduced an application designed to tackle and prevent workplace harassment. Nanshee is a proactive solution that addresses the prevalent issue of workplace harassment, with statistics showing that one in five individuals experiences harassment.

Helping mitigate harassment in the workplace

Eckly and the company's founder have faced challenges in proving harassment incidents. Even when individuals capture evidence through photos or recordings, these forms of proof often face obstacles in court. Nanshee's application addresses this problem by providing a solution for both employers and employees. The application is designed to cater to all companies, regardless of their size. This inclusivity underscores the application's versatility and its potential to benefit organizations of various scales.

Nanshee's application is a comprehensive solution available to all companies aiming to address workplace harassment. The application provides a secure and reliable platform for capturing evidence, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of data. This makes the software a trustworthy solution for substantiating harassment incidents. The app's seven essential functions include taking pictures, recording conversations, capturing screenshots, and scanning documents.

Security and reliability

Nanshee empowers users by allowing them to save and submit evidence with the assurance that it will be accepted by the courts. This feature positions the application as an attractive option for companies seeking to address workplace harassment as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The security and reliability of the app's technology are essential to the concept. Photos and other files are geolocated, timestamped, and stored using blockchain technology, ensuring that they cannot be tampered with or subject to fraud. Once information is stored on the blockchain, it remains there indefinitely, protecting the integrity of the data from a legal perspective.

The source of geolocation data for photos is not the EXIF data from the photos taken, but from the app itself where you take the photos. This ensures that the data is accurate and cannot be altered later. All files are securely managed off-site, so even if a user loses their phone or deletes the app, the evidence remains intact.

Conclusion: A safe and effective approach to harassment mitigation

In summary, Nanshee's proactive app aims to prevent workplace harassment by providing a secure and reliable platform for capturing evidence. By utilizing blockchain technology and ensuring the integrity of data, the app offers a solution to the challenges faced in proving harassment incidents. With its various functions, Nanshee's app empowers individuals to take action against workplace harassment and promotes a respectful and safe work environment for all.

Nanshee is currently available, enabling companies to start utilizing it immediately. The pricing structure varies depending on the industry and company size, ensuring that the application remains accessible to organizations with different budgets. For more information about the platform and to request a quote, interested parties can visit the Nanshee website. This provides a direct avenue for companies to explore how Nanshee can be implemented within their organization to foster a safer and more respectful work environment.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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