Sparklin: Simplifying electric car charging in common areas @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

Sparklin: Simplifying electric car charging in common areas @ CES 2024

Friday Feb 23, 2024 (00:09:53)


Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more common on our roads and in our garages. Even those who once stated that they would never own an EV are now taking the leap and investing in one due to rising gas prices and various rebates and tax incentives that help to reduce the overall price of the vehicles. For some, however, a definite barrier to purchase involves living and working in large buildings where it is not easy or convenient to charge. That's the problem that Sparklin is looking to solve.

Sparklin simplifies the EV charging process

The e-mobility platform offered by Sparklin is an end-to-end solution that consists of a circuit connected to a management platform for owners and an application for users. The platform is designed to make charging electric vehicles easier and smarter, particularly in scenarios where individuals live in condominiums or work for companies in large office buildings.

As electric vehicles become more and more mainstream, the need for such a platform becomes increasingly apparent. For example, in condominium settings, residents may have electric vehicles and need to charge them regularly. While there may be a charging station nearby, it can be inconvenient to either wait around for the charge to complete or have to stop what you are doing to go back and retrieve the vehicle.

Instead, Sparklin's platform allows individuals to charge their vehicles at home by plugging them into their own chargers, or shared chargers allocated at the condominium or office. This is potentially a life-changing convenience for people in this situation.

The challenges with publicly accessible charging

But even with the added convenience, there are possible challenges. One that may arise in a setting with many users might be determining who is using the charger at any given time and knowing how much electricity they are consuming. To address this issue, Sparklin offers condominiums and companies the opportunity to install chargers and access a management page. This page allows them to add users, track usage, and potentially set up a billing system. By doing so, the platform enables a fair and transparent process for charging electric vehicles in shared spaces.

The authentication process for this tracking is facilitated through a mobile application available on both Android and iOS. Users can authenticate themselves using their phones, ensuring that the correct individual is billed for the correct amount of electricity consumed. This will prevent unauthorized usage or potential theft of electricity. The platform also allows users to specify which charger they intend to use, ensuring that the charging process is seamless and efficient.

Companies can implement Sparklin, too

Another unique feature of Sparklin is the versatility and potential applications of their e-mobility platform. For example, companies can implement chargers in their parking spaces to offer charging services to employees. This allows employees to charge their vehicles during the workday, providing a convenient solution for electric vehicle owners. Additionally, companies with electric vehicle fleets can use the platform to manage and track the charging of these vehicles.

The platform also addresses the issue of employees using their personal electricity to charge company-owned electric vehicles. Sparklin's solution allows individuals to easily download reports from the app, simplifying the reimbursement process. This ensures that employees are fairly compensated for the electricity used to charge company vehicles.

Possible concerns of this platform

One of the main concerns with electric vehicle charging installations is that they can be semi-permanent and take up space, potentially damaging walls. However, the installation of Sparklin's charging solution is incredibly easy. It is essentially an outlet with an additional connected part. The device can be mounted on a wall, just like a regular outlet, and linked to the electrical network in the house or any other location. If the device needs to be removed, it can be done by removing a few screws. This ease of installation and removal makes it convenient for users and reduces the risk of damage to walls or concrete.

Another important aspect of affordable and easy electric vehicle charging is the price point. Sparklin's e-mobility platform is designed to be accessible to everyone, with a price of around $100. This affordability ensures that individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds can access sustainable and convenient charging solutions.

While fast charging infrastructure is necessary for public spaces, it is not always feasible or practical for individuals to have fast charging capabilities at home. The electrical network may not be able to handle the demand, and deploying massive infrastructure for individual fast charging would be inefficient. Therefore, having a charging solution like Sparklin's that can be easily installed at home provides a practical and sustainable option for daily charging needs.


To sum it all up, this interview highlights the benefits of Sparklin's e-mobility platform in simplifying the charging process for electric vehicles. By providing an end-to-end solution that includes a management platform and mobile application, the platform enables individuals in shared spaces to charge their vehicles conveniently and fairly. The authentication process ensures that the correct individual is billed for the electricity consumed, preventing unauthorized usage. Furthermore, the platform offers versatility in its applications, allowing companies to provide charging services to employees and manage company-owned electric vehicle fleets. Overall, Sparklin's e-mobility platform is a valuable tool in promoting the adoption and convenience of electric vehicles in daily life.

The availability of Sparklin's e-mobility platform is another significant aspect. During CES 2024, the platform was already available in France and was soon to be launched in the United States. To stay updated on the launch of Sparklin's e-mobility platform in the United States, interested individuals can visit the company's website.

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