AI Robotics' vision to assist the elderly with technology @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

AI Robotics' vision to assist the elderly with technology @ CES 2024

Friday Feb 23, 2024 (00:07:59)


AI Robotics is a startup based in Marseille, France that is focused on developing versatile robots using artificial intelligence (AI). The company aims to change the future of work and living by creating robots that can adapt to various use cases and assist people in their daily lives.

AI Robotics develops versatile robots

The company has developed two types of AI: generative and predictive. The predictive AI allows the robot to recognize and adapt its speech to different individuals, such as women, children, or teenagers. The algorithm used in the robot's AI learns and becomes smarter over time. This technology has been applied to different industries, including hospitality, restaurants, logistics, and more.

One of the key features of AI Robotics' robots is their universal base, which allows for snap-on options on top. The robots can be customized and adapted to different environments and tasks. For example, in a supermarket or shopping center, the robot can be equipped with specific tools or features to meet the needs of the customers.

Furthermore, AI Robotics is open to collaboration with other companies to develop custom robots. While there is a minimum order requirement of 100 or 200 robots, the company is willing to work with businesses to create robots tailored to their specific needs.

AI Robotics has made significant progress in its development process. They have already completed two prototypes and plan to release two robots, including Hugo, for the market this year. Hugo is specifically designed for restaurants, hotels, and airports. The company has already received 800 pre-orders for this robot, indicating a strong demand.

Developing a domestic robot

However, AI Robotics has also focused on developing a robot called Stellar, which is designed for domestic use. The goal is to assist old and sick people in staying at home for longer periods. The Stellar robot can perform tasks such as cleaning, providing healthcare assistance, and even calling for emergency help in case of accidents. It serves as a companion and support system for individuals in their homes.

The Stellar robot is still in the process of development, with plans to launch it in 2025. The company has a large research and development facility, enabling them to manufacture around 200 to 300 robots per month.

Why develop such versatile robots?

The decision to create versatile robots stemmed from the founders' observation of robots in Asia that were limited to a single use case. AI Robotics wanted to create robots that could perform multiple tasks and serve a wider range of needs. They also aimed to bring together the expertise of roboticists in France by establishing Imagine Labs in Marseille. This initiative allows for the sharing of knowledge and positions France as a significant player in the future of robotics.

Market readiness for robots varies

Market readiness for robots varies significantly across different regions. In Europe, the market for robots is not fully ready, while in the Pacific, Middle East, and both North and South America, the market is more prepared for robots.

This variation in market readiness can be attributed to several factors. Cultural and societal norms play a crucial role in determining the acceptance and adoption of robots. Different regions may have different attitudes towards automation and robotics, which can influence the demand for robots.

Economic factors also impact market readiness. Countries with advanced economies and higher levels of industrialization may have a greater need for robots in sectors such as manufacturing and logistics. Conversely, countries with emerging economies may have different priorities and may not be as ready for widespread robot adoption.

Conclusion: Versatility adds to the usability

In terms of pricing, AI Robotics targets both B2B and B2B2C markets. For individual customers, the price range for the Yugo robot is between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. The Stellar robot, which offers more advanced features and capabilities, is priced at around 40,000 euros. The company is hopeful that the government will provide assistance to make these robots more accessible and affordable for the elderly population.

Overall, AI Robotics is making significant strides in the field of robotics with its versatile and adaptable robots. By leveraging AI technology and collaborating with other companies, they are able to develop robots that can cater to various industries and individual needs. The company's focus on domestic robots, specifically targeting the elderly and sick population, showcases their commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals in their own homes. With their fast development timeline and strong market demand, AI Robotics is poised to make a significant impact in the robotics industry.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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