FlowIt: Transforming HR employee reviews and training @ CES 2024 - Show Notes

FlowIt: Transforming HR employee reviews and training @ CES 2024

Friday Jan 26, 2024 (00:09:59)


FlowIt offers revolutionary B2B SaaS software that is transforming the human resources landscape. This software is designed to enhance people development and minimize attrition costs. It tackles common HR challenges such as annual reviews, surveys, skill management, succession planning, and the integration of learning and management into everyday life.

HR software that reduces attrition

Traditionally, many companies have relied on inefficient methods like paper-pencil processes, Excel files, and Word files to manage personal development. These methods are perceived as inefficient, painful, and disliked by employees and leaders alike. FlowIt recognized the need for timely solutions that are agile, engaging, and integrated into the workflow with minimal effort.

FlowIt's system aims to make people development fun for users, engaging for leaders, and effective and powerful for the board and HR. By providing a user-friendly interface and streamlining processes, the software frees up time for leaders and HR professionals to focus on tasks they love. It also reduces the cost of attrition by addressing the pain points that often lead to employee turnover.

Simplifying the onboarding process

One specific pain point that FlowIt addresses is the onboarding process. Onboarding new employees involves paperwork, document verification, and ensuring they have the necessary resources and training. FlowIt's software offers a Learn Management System (LMS) that guides new employees through a comprehensive onboarding journey.

The system includes training, safety protocols, welcome messages from CHROs and COs, and all the necessary resources and links. By providing a structured onboarding experience, FlowIt aims to make new employees feel comfortable and engaged, reducing churn in the first few months.

Employee reviews are no longer a pain

FlowIt's software also tackles the annual review process, which often poses challenges for both employees and managers. Traditional methods, such as lengthy Word files with numerous questions, often result in employees disliking the process and the discussions being overlooked. FlowIt's digital system engages all employees, including frontline workers who are often underserved.

The software is designed to be agile, intuitive, and multilingual, ensuring everyone can participate. By capturing ongoing highlights and lowlights throughout the year, the software eliminates the need for employees to recall their achievements from months ago during the annual review. This ongoing process allows for a more accurate and comprehensive review, focusing on tangible actions rather than friction and pain points.

Brag sheet for employee evaluations

One specific feature of FlowIt's HR software that stands out is the "brag sheet" for employee evaluations. This feature allows supervisors to track and document the accomplishments and achievements of their team members on a quarterly basis. The supervisor provides each employee with a brag sheet, where they can highlight their accomplishments and successes during the quarter. This information is then stored in the employee's file and used to build their annual evaluation.

The brag sheet serves multiple purposes. First, it allows employees to showcase their achievements and contributions to the organization. This not only boosts their morale and sense of accomplishment but also provides a clear record of their performance over time. Second, it provides supervisors with valuable information when it comes time to make decisions about promotions and career advancement. By having documented evidence of an employee's accomplishments, supervisors have the ammunition they need to advocate for their team members and ensure that deserving individuals are recognized and rewarded.

Furthermore, the brag sheet feature helps solve the challenge of identifying top performers and differentiating them from underperformers. With a clear record of each employee's accomplishments, supervisors can easily identify the top workers and make informed decisions about promotions and career development opportunities. This eliminates the need for subjective evaluations and ensures that promotions are based on merit and documented evidence.

FlowIt's HR software takes the concept of the brag sheet even further by providing a digital platform where all feedback, results, and evaluations are stored and accessible to employees, managers, and HR professionals. The software uses AI to analyze the data and create dashboards that provide valuable insights for proactive decision-making. This includes career plans, recommendations for actions, and even anonymous employee feedback.

Conclusion: A simplified HR experience

Overall, FlowIt's HR software is revolutionizing the way companies approach people development and reducing attrition. By addressing pain points, streamlining processes, and providing an engaging and user-friendly experience, the software empowers HR professionals to effectively manage and develop their workforce. With the ability to measure audience engagement, host audio and video content, and provide detailed analytics, software platforms like FlowIt's offer a comprehensive solution for HR departments seeking to improve employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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