TrueKinetix: The future of indoor bikes and trainers @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

TrueKinetix: The future of indoor bikes and trainers @ CES 2023

Wednesday May 3, 2023 (00:09:07)


Training with body weight is becoming increasingly popular as it has been found to be the best indicator of health and longevity. This is especially true in the gym, where classes like Zumba and cardio have been replaced by high-intensity training, strength training, and boot camps, all designed to increase muscle mass. A new stationary bike from TrueKinetix is bringing a new robotic take on this concept.

Train with body weight

When it comes to endurance sports, body weight is a major factor in force generation. When running, cycling, or rowing, the body is constantly pushing against its own weight, but when it comes to indoor exercise, this body weight is replaced by flywheels, which are often far too low in intensity.

This is the problem TrueKinetix is trying to solve. By creating a robot that consists of a strong electric engine, dedicated electronics, and specially designed software, they have created a platform that can be used in any fitness device. This platform has been used to create a smart bike that can be connected to Zwift and Ruby, and a trainer that allows you to use your own racing bike and take out the rear wheel.

The difference between TrueKinetix's product and traditional products is that it allows for coasting, which is essential for building muscle strength and muscle development. This is something that is not possible with traditional products, as they stop completely when you stop cycling.

The effects of this product are difficult to measure, but it has already been adopted by Olympic and World Champion cyclists, as well as professional triathletes. The fact that they are choosing to use this product speaks volumes about its effectiveness and its ability to help people stay healthy as they age.

Indoor cycling revolutionized

Indoor cycling has been revolutionized by the introduction of the TrueKinetix bike. This bike has been designed to mimic the experience of riding outdoors, with the same strength component and transition between indoors and outdoors. It is a more realistic experience than the traditional gym bike, and it is much more enjoyable. It also helps to reduce boredom, as the rider is not constantly fighting the bike to keep going.

The TrueKinetix bike also has the added benefit of helping to improve bone density. As people age, their bones become less dense and they become more sedentary. With the TrueKinetix bike, riders can put their muscles to use and put force on their bones, helping to maintain their bone density.

The TrueKinetix bike is currently available in Europe, and the company is looking to expand into the United States. They are looking for a series A funding round and distribution partners, as well as gauging demand through an Indiegogo campaign.

The TrueKinetix bike is a revolutionary product that has the potential to revolutionize indoor cycling. It is a more realistic experience than traditional gym bikes, and it helps to reduce boredom and improve bone density. It is a product that is being adopted by professional athletes, and it has the potential to help people stay healthy as they age.

Learn more

To learn more about TrueKinetix and their product, check out their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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