HITS AI helps make medication research safer and cheaper @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

HITS AI helps make medication research safer and cheaper @ CES 2023

Wednesday Mar 8, 2023 (00:11:27)


In the last few months, the topic of artificial intelligence, better known as AI, has been at the top of people's minds. This is because of the new usage model brought about because of generative AI, or AI that can write as if it's a person. But, AI has a lot of potential uses, including improving online search results, creating almost real looking images, and automatic replies in email. However, HITS AI is looking to use artificial intelligence to improve medication research.

What is HITS AI?

HITS AI is a medication research group that uses artificial intelligence to help work out compounds. While this might sound like science fiction, it is already in action today. The general idea is that researchers know how certain compounds and chemicals interact with the human body.

Using this existing information, an AI model has been trained to be able to create new combinations of these compounds and predict with a high degree of certainty how the body will react. Using this information, researchers can then apply the results to known diseases and conditions to see if they will be affected, positively or negatively, by the newly created compound.

Depending on the level of confidence, researchers can eliminate certain compounds from consideration for treating particular issues. The elimination could be because the treatment is not effective, is more harmful than helpful, or something else. This process of using AI to eliminate potential treatments for known and potential issues can help researchers and medical companies skip the long and costly drug research process. It can even prevent possible harm to people by identifying harmful side effects before they appear in patients.

Benefits of using HITS AI

In the US, we know that the FDA has long been a challenged organization. The administration is over burdened, under staffed, making it difficult to do the job effectively. Several high profile failures have happened, with drugs that had been safe in initial testing causing immense harm or embarrassment. Take, for example, Olestra, which was originally approved by the FDA as a fat-free cooking oil, but turned out to have some pretty bizarre side effects for some users.

As it turns out, it was unlikely that clinical trials would have revealed the side effects of this one. However, if HITS AI had been available when Olestra was originally being developed, the effect on the body could have been uncovered through computer models rather than waiting until it hit the market. This would have prevented embarrassment for the company that produced it, the FDA that approved it, and for users who had to wear dark pants. It also would have saved a lot of money in research and development, FDA testing, and product development.


The HITS AI chemical compound computer models have already been used by researchers in their investigations. To learn more about the platform and how it can be used or to learn about how to implement it in your own research projects, head over to the company's website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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