Nanoleq believes that the time for smart textiles is now @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

Nanoleq believes that the time for smart textiles is now @ CES 2023

Monday Feb 27, 2023 (00:08:26)


Smart sensors are everywhere today. We've got them all over our homes and offices, in and about our cars, and even worn on our bodies. But, like many things in the tech world, they have started out generic and targeted at everyone without any discernment. Now, as the technology gets more advanced, it also becomes more nuanced. Nanoleq is at the forefront of this movement, moving from generalized sensors worn on the wrist to more specific sensors integrated into textiles.

What is Nanoleq?

Nanoleq is a company that is that merging textiles and technology into a single product line. Rather than integrating athletic and biometric sensor technology into wristbands and watches, the company focuses on integrating this technology into clothing.

There are a lot of benefits to advanced biometric sensors worn on a regular basis. Apple has popularized the idea of regularly monitoring heart health through integrated ECG in the Apple Watch. However, this requires that you wear a watch on your wrist in order to get the benefits of the technology. Many people do not enjoy wearing something on their wrist, while others are not interested in watches in general, as we all carry a timepiece in our pockets.

Nanoleq recognizes this dilemma, as well as the importance of placing a sensor in the right location. For example, to get the best heart rhythm data, having the sensor as close to the heart as possible is ideal. This is why doctors still listen to the heart with a stethoscope as opposed to a device on the wrist. By integrating the sensor technology into clothing, you can guarantee that it's exactly where it is supposed to be for ideal measurements.

Nanoleq's goals

The company's ideal goals are to put control of healthcare into the hands of the people. Essentially, they believe that everyone has the right to monitor their own health in a detailed and accurate way. As such, the company is working to integrate smart sensors into clothing that supports the most active parts of our lives. They also customize which sensors are made available for each type of clothing.

For example, in sportswear, the company includes ACG, EMG, respiration (RIP), and athlete management systems (AMS) in the garments. However, for medical clothing, the AMS is swapped out for various other sensors, like functional electrical stimulation (FES) and biometric impedance analysis (BIA). General wellbeing and workwear products also have specific functionality built-in.

Because this is all part of clothing, it is important to note that the sensors are washable. So, you don't have to treat these garments any differently that you would any other clothing you own, making it easy to integrate them into your daily life. Ease of use will make adoption more natural for most users.


The Nanoleq technology is currently in active development, though they hope to bring the products to market in the near future. To learn more about Nanoleq, its sensor technology, and to contact the company for additional information, head over to their website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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