ALIA brings comfort to the world of high fashion shoes @ CES 2023 - Show Notes

ALIA brings comfort to the world of high fashion shoes @ CES 2023

Thursday Jan 26, 2023 (00:10:39)


If there is one truth in the fashion world, it is that there are two types of shows: comfortable and fashionable. It seems that no one has been able to combine the two categories into one. Either a woman wears sneakers or heels - and never the two shall cross. However, ALIA (Active Lift in Alignment), has a system that allows them to take incredibly accurate measurements and produce a shoe that is both fashionable and comfortable.

What is ALIA?

Dr. Taryn Rose, co-founder and CEO of ALIA, sums up the mission of the company in a straightforward way, saying, "Why can we get a man on the moon, but we can't get a woman down the street comfortably?" It's a solid question, as shoes are far from a new product category. With all of the time spent designing shoes, why does it seem that none of that work has ever produced a comfortable high heel?

Sure, the concept of the high heel is not necessarily one focused on comfort. In fact, it is all about accentuating certain parts of the body. But, Dr. Rose believed that there must be a way to do both at once. She decided to include technology in the process in order to produce comfortable and sexy heels for women, as well as comfortable dress shoes for men.

How does it work?

ALIA has includes various materials that are traditionally not found in shoes. For example, the surface area of the shoe that comes into contact with your feet is made out of carbon fiber. This produces a strong outer body that is able to hold the foot in place better and is more stable than just a fabric, while also being incredibly light weight.

In addition to the unconventional materials, ALIA also uses technology in an interesting way. There is an accompanying app that allows you to essentially take a 3D scan of your feet. This gives the company an incredibly accurate measurement of your feet. Using the scan, the company is able to view your foot in various modes.

With the measurements, ALIA is able to recommend or produce a perfectly fitted shoe just for you. Looming at the scan, they can recommend the right shoe for your foot, but also shows where the might be issues with the fit without alteration. For example, a pink highlight on the scan indicates that the area of the show should be enlarged in order to get a perfect fit. Implementing technology into the process allows the company to produce bespoke, made-to-measure shoes at scale, making them available for more people.


ALIA's shoes, which sell under the brand name Enrico Cuini, are available to order today. The shoes are not inexpensive, but do fit comfortably into the designer shoe category. The shoes range from around $800 to $2000 for a pair. To learn more about the company, its products, or to order a pair for yourself, you can head over to the company's brand website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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