Engadget Gift Guide Blind React - Holiday Gift Guides 2021 - Show Notes

Engadget Gift Guide Blind React - Holiday Gift Guides 2021

Friday Nov 12, 2021 (00:36:35)


Here are the products we thought were the most interesting from the Holiday Gift Guide 2021 from Engadget (via Yahoo).

These are some items that don't seem like a great deal.

We also mentioned an interesting product, in response to a photo on the article.


Scott Ertz


Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.

Allante Sparks

Special Correspondent

Allante - also well known as Wolff - is the newest member and co-host for PLuGHiTz Live! Radio. A gifted artist, he is usually found drawing up a character or two or sketching up whatever comes to mind. Do not think that he is not a hardcore gamer because he is about as hardcore as it gets! His favorites range from fighting games to RPGs, adventure and even a racing game here and there. Fighting games are his forte and he relays this message for all who oppose: You mess with the Wolff and you get the fangs!

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Scott Ertz (00:06)

All right. So this is from Yahoo Finance.

Allante Sparks (00:15)

Yeah. Weird.

Scott Ertz (00:20)

at Yahoo Entertainment,

Allante Sparks (00:21)

Yeah. Okay. Okay. Makes a little more sense.

Scott Ertz (00:25)

I had one from Yahoo Finance. Yeah.

Allante Sparks (00:31)

Aeropress Go

Scott Ertz (00:33)

Say Portable French Press.

Allante Sparks (00:36)

It looks like it. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (00:38)

Interesting idea.

Allante Sparks (00:39)

I mean, but what makes it different from just a French Press?

Scott Ertz (00:44)

Maybe the size? Maybe the actual French Press goes inside a little container there. I don't know.

Allante Sparks (00:50)

But if the size is different, then it wouldn't give you a cup of coffee.

Scott Ertz (00:55)

French Press can do a whole craft depends on the size of the French Press. Yeah. Blink Indoor Camera. Blink makes quality stuff. You just have to remember that it's Amazon. So just like Ring, you have to keep in mind. Who owns it? Yeah.

Allante Sparks (01:15)

I like Yeah.

Scott Ertz (01:16)

When are addicted to scratchers?

Allante Sparks (01:18)

Yeah. Because that's what I was thinking. I'm like, if I've got to grab a coin to write a sticky note, then it just that seems like we're lost.

Scott Ertz (01:25)

Yeah, it seems like too much work. And electric kettle.

Allante Sparks (01:29)

Okay. That's pretty good. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (01:34)

For me, if I were to do an electric kettle, I would do. There's, there's one that we interviewed at CES 2019 maybe, that has an instant heater in the pour. Oh, so you just have a craft. And you can heat water instantly as it comes out.

Allante Sparks (02:04)

That's neat. That's really me.

Scott Ertz (02:06)

So if it were me, that's what I would do, it's probably worth a little bit more money to have that. Because then it's portable, right? It doesn't have to be plugged in. You can just use it out on the go. You could have it at your desk and make tea on the spot. You know if your tea is supposed to be I don't know. It's supposed to sit too steep at 112 degrees. You can actually tell it 112 degrees. Oh, nice. And boom. That's what's going to come out. It's pretty impressive. Pretty sure 2019 was it there's an orange there it is. This is not the you guys can't see this yet. This is not the product. This is the interview. So what the company actually makes, there we go. What the company actually makes is the technology for instant water heating. I was hoping there you go. So they make the instant water heating technology and they use it in a lot of stuff. They've got a little desktop dishwasher. So if you're in a studio apartment in New York and you don't have a dishwasher, this is completely self contained. Or maybe you're in an RV. In this case, it's just whoop. But then they also have this little home water heater that you can just put where your water tank is now yeah, you just put this there instead and it heats it as it comes through. That saves so much money on electricity. It's ridiculous.

Allante Sparks (03:57)

That's pretty neat. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (03:59)

So anyway, that would be. That would be my go too, in that particular case.

Allante Sparks (04:08)

Adam saying he likes Brumate products.

Scott Ertz (04:12)

Yeah, they make good products. Yeah don't care. Okay. Now. I think everybody knows that we have a particular love for Monster products, including the lights that are built into the studio here. Our studio is lit with Monster luminescence but

Allante Sparks (04:40)

Studio, office, rooms. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (04:49)

Govee has got some unique solutions that the Monster doesn't have. Obviously when I have the opportunity to go Monster I do. But Govee has got some solutions that are just absolutely crazy. And in fact, I have one in my living room that goes around your television, it's a little camera, it's able to see what's on the screen and adjust the backlighting around the TV. It is super cool. And this is another product from them. This is if you don't want something as big and interesting as the Prism from Monster you can do this. It's very simple. It's not designed to do big exciting things. It's not you know, custom build it to be a try for Sahra or a wolf had or but it's interesting for a simple product and Govee makes quality products so. Yeah, if you're interested in LED stuff, this might be something to look at.

Allante Sparks (06:08)

Now is this like a, just judging off of what I'm looking here? Is this just like a single strip? Yeah, that's okay. It just looks kinda so now Okay, there we go.

Scott Ertz (06:21)

Yeah, so it's that's kind of cool. Yeah, it's an interesting idea. Yeah. It's obviously they're just lines right? So they're not quite. They're not a Prism. They're not a Digit. They're not and there's not as many color zones as there are on the Prism or the Digit but you know if you're trying to do something simpler. This is pretty cool. So and like I said, Govee makes some quality product Yeah, again, if it's me, I'm going monster until I have to do something else. Yep. Never cared less. Nope.

Allante Sparks (07:09)

needs me Josh. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (07:15)

You know, what? If you're a big TikTok person, this might be interesting for you. Yeah. I don't understand TikTok. So,

Allante Sparks (07:25)

But you know what the same can be said for any social media.

Scott Ertz (07:29)

Yes. If I don't understand any social media, is that what you mean?

Allante Sparks (07:34)

Yes. No, if you if you remove TikTok and put Instagram or if you remove TikTok and put Facebook or if you move TikTok, you put Twitter, your name text here, your hash here, your whatever here. Even if it were your gamertag or your PSN or Nintendo name.

Scott Ertz (07:56)

In this case, I think they're hoping that it would be because the description here says this illuminated sign could be the most unique prop and your loved one streaming setup. So I think they're, I think the designers were hoping but I would put it right here on the wall behind me. The problem with that, of course, is that I'm going to do that with overlays not with physical props, right? Because what if, you know what if you spend all the money and then Microsoft shuts down Mixer, right? Yep. Yep. But if I'm just doing it with overlays, I can swap stuff out pretty easily. So I don't know. I'm not a big fan of physical social media stuff. Statistics. Yes. Things like this. No,

Allante Sparks (08:42)

That's a good point that the Adam is bringing up like, there's stuff like this on Etsy that's been around forever. You know, this this isn't a new this isn't a new concept at all.

Scott Ertz (08:56)

This is on Etsy and it's only $5.

Allante Sparks (09:05)

This is not a new concept at all.

Scott Ertz (09:08)

No, not at all. But I've never understood it it's always seemed weird to me Sure. Because I don't need a physical prop for something like that.

Allante Sparks (09:19)

But it's, I mean, it's a different strokes, different folks kind of thing, you know. I'm sure for some people it'll work for them either being on their desk or on their, you know, prop thing in the background with all of their either nerdy or other goodies that kind of tie in with their brand. So I get it, it's just not special. That

Scott Ertz (09:48)

Sorry, I'm looking for my replacement recommendation for this. So, so these are okay. Now it's important to note that they are cheap. They're very cheap. They're 20 bucks. But a $20 true wireless earbud is not going to be good. That just everybody should note. It's not going to be good. It's not gonna even be okay. We did a product review on well, actually, we didn't, we didn't do a product review on it because the product was so bad that we gave up. In reality, I know that you guys can't see this yet. For me, you know, a $20 true wireless earbuds not gonna get the job done. These guys, they're more but they're only 79 bucks, they can be true wireless. They can also be sports buds, and they can plug in. So unlike normal true wireless earbuds when the battery's die, no problem. You can still use them you plug them into your computer, you plug them into your whatever and you keep going. I used to use them on the air. So people who have watched this show for a while you will probably would have recognized it before I switched to, before I switched to these which are my current in ear monitors. I used to use these as my on air monitors. The quality is real great. They're 79 bucks right now. And I see Adam talking about battery life and with this we were getting six and a half. We were getting six and a half hours on those Motorola's proven, I tested it. They were a little Flexi though, which is something I did have to point out. I had one come in at five hours and I had one come in just shy of seven. I did way more battery tests on this one than usual. Normally, if I can get three that are within, you know margin of error, I move on. But I kept getting weird. So yeah, it was definitely weird. But almost always, we were getting 6hours and 35minutes. I think for the four that were within that range, they were only eight minutes off. They were only within an eight minute range, which means that I didn't seek the battery right one time or whatever.

Allante Sparks (13:03)

I imagined the $20 ear buds probably wouldn't last nearly as long.

Scott Ertz (13:08)

Adam says they're claiming eight hours on them. Which is why I'm like nope. Not a chance. There's no way

Allante Sparks (13:17)

And see for somebody like me. I've got my ears are really small. And I can't jab things into my ears. I can look at these and tell.There's no way that's going in my ear.

Scott Ertz (13:33)

So in that case, that's we have our favorite headphones right now that we've been using. They are the AfterShokz. Yep, those we have godsend. We have aero Aeropex, which we've really been enjoying. I've also got a set of OpenComm, which they showed off during our CES coverage this year. The OpenComm I think were announced at CES this year. So they show them off. I really like those. If you look real close, you'll see there's a little red mark right here. So I've actually had my OpenComm on all day until about 15 minutes before we went on air. Funny, so I noticed it when I when I was preparing, I noticed that I had a little red mark. I'm like, Oh, I wonder what that is. Oh my god. It's from my headphones. But we wear them all day long all the time. We have no idea that we're on Yep, we'll be sitting down in the office having a conversation and I'll get a email or something. It's like oh, yeah, that was in my head. What was that? Oh, right. I've got the headphones on.

Allante Sparks (14:46)

The number of times this one has been spooked from a notification has been hilarious. I mean, but the same thing has happened to me where I forget that mine are on and then I'll be watching Twitch or something and somebody gets hosted and now, you know, there's new audio, new volume and everything. And I'm completely surprised. So yeah, there anything that you just forget that it's there? Yes. Wonderful.

Scott Ertz (15:17)

So my number one complaint on this. The more I'm looking at this photo. The charger is built into it. It can't be removed.

Allante Sparks (15:31)


Scott Ertz (15:34)

Well, I don't know what just happened.

Allante Sparks (15:36)

Looks like it expanded. I got 150.

Scott Ertz (15:40)

That's what I was trying to do. Oh, and it just skipped up, but it moved. Okay, so. So yeah, that cable is built into it, which means that it flips around the bottom and snaps in on the other side. But what you'll notice is that the contacts are out when it's snapped into place. So if you've got this in your backpack, or in your pocket or something, you're constantly messing with connector.

Allante Sparks (16:06)

That is susceptible to some real damage.

Scott Ertz (16:09)

Plus that connectors the worst in the world.

Allante Sparks (16:12)

That's like half USB? I hate those.

Scott Ertz (16:15)

So there's no part of that. That's a good idea. So all of that's a shame.

Allante Sparks (16:20)

I mean, but for 20 bucks, though. Yeah, that that's

Scott Ertz (16:24)

Here's the thing for 20 bucks. TCL has their sport, SPRT. because they don't use any vowels in their headphones, I think. Or it's active, ACTV anyway, it doesn't matter. TCL the company that also makes TVs and Palm phones, and used to make Blackberrys phones. They have headphones. They're 20 bucks. They're not great.

Allante Sparks (16:55)

Ooh, Skullcandy.

Scott Ertz (16:56)

But they're not terrible. Oh, no.

Allante Sparks (17:00)

Oh, no.

Scott Ertz (17:01)

Ah, see Adam saying TCL

Allante Sparks (17:03)

TCL. Yeah, I agree.

Scott Ertz (17:04)

Oh, I have. I think they're I think they're on the review shelf up there. I've got a set a TCL is in here somewhere.

Allante Sparks (17:10)

Skullcandy look cool. But

Scott Ertz (17:14)

they Okay, so SkullCandy. Adam is having trouble separating. Well, that's true. Adam is still connected to Skullcandy when we were at RadioShack. Okay, were they were a top notch company. Oh, they've fallen apart since then. But he is saying that. For sure. There'll be better than and I quote that red hot wish front page garbage.

Allante Sparks (17:49)

Sure. Okay.

Scott Ertz (17:51)

So yeah, he's definitely right. This is this is essentially a wish knockoff product. Yeah. And what is it a wish knockoff of the these?

Allante Sparks (18:02)

Yep. I was waiting for you to scroll.

Scott Ertz (18:10)

Because these are actually fantastic. Yeah, Jabra has always made good Bluetooth. They're one of the original bluetooth headphone companies. They did. You know, headsets back in the day? Yeah. Jabra knows Bluetooth. Yeah, they don't know music. quite the same way. Sure. But they do know Bluetooth and they do a really good job. Yeah. But I will say that I've also got a set of Edifier True Wireless around here that are similar to this. And I love Oh, see these are these are 80 bucks. So that's pretty good. So these for 80 bucks are going to be pretty good. I would still go with the Motorola myself. Okay. Because Motorola is probably the only company who has been doing Bluetooth longer than Jabra.

Allante Sparks (19:13)

I mean, for me looking at the design still. Motorola's still the only one so far that looks like it could fit into my ears.

Scott Ertz (19:21)

And there and I have the same problem. Longtime listeners and viewers know that one of the former engineers for Monster had to send me special. Ear, What are they called? Ear? Doesn't matter the bit that goes in your ear?

Allante Sparks (19:40)

Sure. Ear bits? Sure.

Scott Ertz (19:44)

Let's go with that ear bits. He sent me a whole bag of them there in this desk somewhere. Because I could never find one that fit and I had gotten those Monster Miles Davis Trumpet. Oh yeah. Miles Davis Yeah. And none of the ones that came with it worked. And he's like, here I've got a whole bunch. Find one that works. Yeah. The rest, find what works.

Allante Sparks (20:10)

The same happened with me. With the. I don't remember what, which I don't remember which ones they were but I remember they were real shiny blue. They're still in the box somewhere too, because I could never wear that.

Scott Ertz (20:23)

They were really shiny blue and they had a silver. Yep, those are the Trumpets. You do not want to know how much those headphones were for you to not use them.

Allante Sparks (20:37)

I couldn't fit them. I couldn't get them in my ear. And then they sent me the they sent me the earbits. And I tried every single earbit even the smallest ones still couldn't get in my ear.

Scott Ertz (20:51)

Was trumpets were $400, well, they were 399 when they came out?

Allante Sparks (21:02)

Well, you know.

Scott Ertz (21:05)

Mine, I think are in this drawer.

Allante Sparks (21:06)

For that much money, they could have sent me the overhead ones. I would be so happy with those.

Scott Ertz (21:17)

The inspirations were that generation. They were great.

Allante Sparks (21:20)

Yeah. I mean, I know why they sent them to me. That's what was you know, that's what they were really pushing for. I just

Scott Ertz (21:27)


Allante Sparks (21:29)

Lexar Professional SD card. Why? No, yeah, no, we don't stray when it comes to SD cards.

Scott Ertz (21:37)

SanDisk slash Samsung. Same company

Allante Sparks (21:40)

All the way. Do not do not go astray. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't found any super tiny tips. At least not yet. I mean, if you could send some my way. And I can try them.

Scott Ertz (21:56)

I might. I might have some of the desk. Okay.

Allante Sparks (21:59)

I am by since I'm in like a link or something. But I've I've not run into a tip that I could use yet. Yes. real tiny ears. Very, very tiny. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (22:12)

My answer to this is yes. The end? Yeah, I mean, the Logitech C922. If you're looking for the workhorse of webcams.

Allante Sparks (22:25)

Yep. This is it. Especially now, especially now.

Scott Ertz (22:29)

I mean, yeah. Are there better webcams? Yes. The Razer Kiyo Pro . Yeah, I've got one. But this thing you can usually find one of these on Amazon for $49. Yep. Yep, the Pro is 200 bucks. That. Yep. If you're looking, this is literally the workhorse of webcams.

Allante Sparks (22:56)

It is extremely nice. You're right,

Scott Ertz (22:58)

The Elgato Facecam Yeah. Elgato Facecam is another real, real quality webcam. It is also pricey. But it's quality. But when it comes to like, okay, so to put this into perspective, we have a tripod in the corner of the studio over there, that we took apart. Because the 920s the original 920s didn't have the mounting screw on the bottom. So we disassembled the tripod and built this camera into it

Allante Sparks (23:39)

That's pretty neat. Yeah. I mean, it's, I mean, and this is, you know, keeping in mind that this is stuff that we're like, let's say if you want to get this for your friend's kid, or you know or you're getting this for your nephew or niece or you know something like that that are they're starting off gaming or their discord chatting or whatever.

Scott Ertz (24:06)

This is the beast of camera.

Allante Sparks (24:09)

Perfect. I mean, it doesn't cost you much, and it will get them a quality quality product out to them. Yeah, it does everything you want it to do

Scott Ertz (24:19)

This thing. The only change that has been made to this camera in a decade is that they change the Logitech name to the Logi name on the front.

Allante Sparks (24:28)

Yep. I wonder which one I have.

Scott Ertz (24:31)

I literally have this camera it says Logitech instead.

Allante Sparks (24:34)

Yeah, but I think I have the Logitech one also.

Scott Ertz (24:38)

Other than that, nothing has changed with this camera in a decade. Mm hmm. Excuse me. Yeah, I've got a 922x had it for three years into the streaming cam. Yeah, I've got I've got a 920 It's from before the 22. I've got a 920. I have a 910. I have a 931.

Allante Sparks (25:01)

I need to, I need to. After this, I'm going to see after we're done, I'm going to see which one I have. Yeah.

Scott Ertz (25:07)

So yeah, this is the beast of camera. Mine also says Logitech. Yeah.

Allante Sparks (25:16)

A Nanlite LitoLite.

Scott Ertz (25:19)

Nope. All right.

Allante Sparks (25:21)

Little light.

Scott Ertz (25:22)

Doesn't matter if you're gonna do this.

Allante Sparks (25:27)

This is a tiny LED panel. Yeah. What are you gonna get out of this?

Scott Ertz (25:31)

It's tiny. If you're going to do something like this, if you're going to do an LED panel. You want these guys, Neewer, they make small ones. They make big ones. We've got three of them pointed at us right now.

Allante Sparks (25:51)

It's right here. To right over there. They're amazing. And they have way more LEDs than this thing.

Scott Ertz (25:57)

Yeah, way more. There's a hot cold option on it too.

Allante Sparks (26:03)

And that's really nice. Okay, how much was that one anyway? Yeah. Now worth it. Oh, see. Doesn't say

Scott Ertz (26:15)

The built-in battery runs for an hour and a half at full brightness. The little garbage ones that we got years ago that are in the box in the office. They run for seven hours. on a charge

Allante Sparks (26:37)

That makes much more sense, right. It's a cute little bunny.

Scott Ertz (26:41)

It really was. Alright.

Allante Sparks (26:46)

Oh, yeah. You know what? You know what, though? I'm not gonna lie to you. I wanted one.

Scott Ertz (26:55)

That one's from Razer. Yeah,

Allante Sparks (26:57)

I wanna. I want it me some glowy, Cattier headphones.

Scott Ertz (27:03)

I gotta say. These headphones are basically part of the standard streamer uniform. Right? Yes. Yeah. Yes, indeed. Hey, man.

Allante Sparks (27:11)

Hey, Adam. They're cute. Okay, they're cute.

Scott Ertz (27:15)

It's for the best.

Allante Sparks (27:17)

Yet don't don't do it. I know what you want. Say it's fine. They're they're cute, though.

Scott Ertz (27:24)

They are and the Razer Kraken with or without the the ears the Kraken headphone great, really

Allante Sparks (27:31)

Great technology. I really wish I could have gotten a better partnership with them while we were talking to them years ago. You know, that would have been really cool. Just to get a better relationship with them overall.

Scott Ertz (27:46)

They were a gaming sponsor for a while.

Allante Sparks (27:48)

Yeah. Oh, that's true. That's true. I forgot. That's when I was kind of out.

Scott Ertz (27:53)

So this guy, the the Rode VideoMic Go. Obviously, people know that we're fans of Rode. I have my hand right now on an almost $1,000 piece of Rode equipment that powers our whole studio. Rode is one of the best names in audio. The RODECaster Pro is an amazing piece of technology. This is as well, it's only problem is it size. Which makes is unfortunate. But it's better than the lower cost Bluetooth things like that. Plus, it's able to connect to a DSLR or something like that. So essentially, it allows you to do wireless mic without having to have all the overhead. It's all battery powered. So really great device. If you're getting into remote podcasting and things like that. Maybe you're doing CES. This is the device. If you want to go up above this, there is a set from Sennheiser. That's really phenomenal. There's a pack that goes on on your camera, it can mount on the hot shoe on the top and go into the mic jack, which is what this one does too.

Allante Sparks (29:28)

It looks like.

Scott Ertz (29:29)

But then the other side, it can be just like a little, little box. They can clip into the bottom of any handheld microphone, which is pretty cool, neat. And then there's also a version of the transmitter that Yes. There is a version that allows for a lavalier Okay, bows for the almighty German audio gods. Yes. We have a ton of Sennheiser stuff. In fact, our primary microphone that we use at CES our handheld mic is a Sennheiser. Oh, yeah.

Allante Sparks (30:06)

From running Sennheiser. Since I've been going at least Yeah,

Scott Ertz (30:11)

yeah, we've always used we've actually used that Sennheiser at every CES we've ever done.

Allante Sparks (30:18)

That's good stuff,

Scott Ertz (30:19)

And it still works. Mm hmm. So the Sennheiser did send their, sell their consumer headphone division recently. Interesting. Yeah,

Allante Sparks (30:30)

I think I did hear something about that.

Scott Ertz (30:33)

Roku Ultra. Yeah, if you're looking for a simple over the top, Roku is the way to go along is literally looking at a Roku television right now. Yep. SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card. This is a yes to the no from earlier. These are the only cards that we use. There's one RodeCaster right now. There's a box of them. There's a box of them in the other room.

Allante Sparks (31:02)

I always tell people, there's no reason to go outside of SanDisk. Yeah, there really is no reason.

Scott Ertz (31:09)

I'm SanDisk or Samsung. Because Samsung and SanDisk right now. Yeah. So

Allante Sparks (31:16)

no, no reason. The the prices are pretty much always fair. And they last. They don't fall apart. I mean, we've all used, you know, either off brand or some other one where we're like, you know, this, the price is a little better. Yeah, for its size, so it'll be fine. And no, your data gets corrupted a month later.

Scott Ertz (31:37)

The only exception I have ever made to this rule is in the old RadioShack days, we had Gigaware branded SD card that was made by SanDisk. For us, it was a white labeled SanDisk card. That's fine. It was 50% of the price. Oh wow. 10 bucks says if we were to go grab the camera bag right now and open it up. I bet you'd find at least one Gigaware card in there still. Yeah, this many years later.

Allante Sparks (32:08)

Very true.

Scott Ertz (32:11)

Absolutely not.

Allante Sparks (32:13)

What was happening there?

Scott Ertz (32:15)

That was a fanny pack? No. Okay. Um, the TP Link Kasa smart plugs are decent. The problem with them is they're huge. They're physically large, they're very wide, you're not going to hide it. So,

Allante Sparks (32:35)

yeah, that was that was a fanny pack.

Scott Ertz (32:37)

That's why I said no, thank you and kept going. So that's the problem with this, you're not going to get it behind something because it takes up a lot of space. Yeah. And the power comes out the front, not out the side, which again, is going to keep you from hiding in places. So now your outlets stick in this far off.

Allante Sparks (32:55)

And that's the name of the game right now is you know, trying to get as much use out of these, you know, out of these wall sockets, but not like having a whole block or another piece of furniture sticking out of the wall because we have furniture and stuff out means to go there. Yeah,

Scott Ertz (33:13)

I am. So I got. So a two pack is 20 bucks. So I got a really cheap brand of smart plug. I don't remember what it was called. And you probably don't either, because we haven't looked at it in a while. Probably. Yeah. I'm going to pull it up though. Okay.

Allante Sparks (33:39)

At least if you're going to be this bulky, get kind of creative with where you put the plugs. You know.

Scott Ertz (33:50)

So, okay, so it's called Aoycocr. A O Y C O C R. It was a, it's a four pack. It has the same mistake is this, for the outlets coming off the front. But it's about half this size. Because I've had one of these in my hand. It's about half the size. A four pack runs 29.99. But we have seen many times these things go on sale. I got them for 12 bucks. Sounds good. So the 29.99 right now there's a $4 coupon. I can drop the link to this in the chat if people want. The thing that's cool about this is the company that makes them. Their app is kind of crap. Sorry, but they work with the Monster Smart Home app. Which means you get all the Alexa Google Home capabilities all the Siri capabilities that the that Monsters put all the time into and these work inside the ecosystem.

Allante Sparks (35:04)

Can't beat that.

Scott Ertz (35:05)

Yeah, so I mean they were really cheap but they work they do click when they turn on and off hear them.

Allante Sparks (35:13)

Oh, did I break you?

Scott Ertz (35:16)

What Do You Meme. It's a fun game

Allante Sparks (35:19)

okay I believe you. Is that it?

Scott Ertz (35:22)

It does look like. That's it for for that one. This seems to have come from Engadget.

Allante Sparks (35:29)


Scott Ertz (35:33)

I think Adam can speak to this microphone here. I believe he had that for a while and right now.

Allante Sparks (35:42)

Got got that bad boy

Scott Ertz (35:44)

He's using the King Bee. If you're looking for a good get a good microphone for XLR, the King Bee is an amazing mic and the second generation that doesn't look like a bee which makes me very sad. It's supposed to be coming out soon. And then there's a USB version called the Skyline. I haven't put my hands on the Skyline but I have heard recording through it. Yeah, it's pretty. It's pretty impressive. The Skylines pretty looks sounds pretty impressive. It's not designed. It's designed to be a conference mic. Sure. Yeah, not to enhance you know what we're doing. It's not a streamers mic. It's good for your morning calls is really

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