GJS Robot's Ganker is a fighting robot that doesn't die @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

GJS Robot's Ganker is a fighting robot that doesn't die @ CES 2020

Thursday Apr 16, 2020 (00:08:16)


Robotics competitions are a lot of fun. So much so, that we've dedicated an entire show to them. But, building a competition-ready robot from scratch is not possible for everyone. That's why pre-built machines and kits are available. One of the most impressive kits that we've ever encountered is from Chinese company GJS Robot.

These machines, known as Ganker, are impressive for a number of reasons. The first is its control system. Rather than having a traditional controller to make them move, it looks and functions more like fingers. You put your hands into the controls and your motions are translated fairly directly into the motion of the robot. This direct translation makes it really easy to learn. Todd took to the controls like a fish to water.

Another thing he learned was just how maneuverable these robots truly are. He touched the controller and it leaped forward, nearly launching off of the table. He then was able to make it move far slower within moments. This showed us the range of speeds that the Ganker is capable of.

But competitions are not all about speed - they require a way to compete. These robots are able to be customized with various "weapons," but unlike something like BattleBots, these are not intended to destroy or incapacitate one another. Instead, the game is played more along the lines of a karate competition. There are sensors throughout the body that, when triggered, score points for the opposing robot. Score enough points and you win the match, while both competitors live to fight another day.

The GJS Robot Ganker is available now for $499, while its smaller companion, the Geio, is available for $199. You can learn more about the products from the company's Amazon store or their official website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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