Lumicharge is charging up the bedroom & bringing the beats @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

Lumicharge is charging up the bedroom & bringing the beats @ CES 2020

Tuesday Apr 14, 2020 (00:06:10)


There are some products that are perfect for evolution through connected technology, and then there are some we usually skip over. One of those products we usually skip over is the humble desk lamp, but fortunately, the team at Lumicharge don't feel the same way, as they continue to bring cool new features to lamps.

Last year they brought us the original Lumicharge lamp. This year, in addition to improving the existing model with Qi wireless charging, we get a whole new model: the Lumicharge-LD. This new product is more of a low-profile design. It is designed to be short, versus the original product, which is tall and thin. But, it features the best of the original - the universal charging wheel. On this wheel are three plugs: Apple's Lightning, micro USB-B (commonly known as microUSB), and USB-C. These plugs will allow you to charge any phone made in the last *+ years. It also features the 10 watt Qi charger on the top.

However, the LD model sets itself apart in a number of ways. First, the light is not on a stick in the air. Instead, it radiates from the center of the device, above the controls but below the charging. This is a very different take on the light design from its sister product. It also allows for color customization, meaning you are not stuck with the VERY white light of the other product, making it a much better option for a bedroom.

The new LD also features a Bluetooth speaker, again making it a perfect bedside companion. With this one device, you have a clock, a color-changeable light, a dual phone charger, and a Bluetooth speaker - all in a compact body.

The new Lumicharge-LD is available for preorder now and will be shipping soon. To learn more or preorder yours, head over to their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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