Become a data JEDAI through your business's mobile app @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

Become a data JEDAI through your business's mobile app @ CES 2020

Wednesday Apr 8, 2020 (00:09:07)


One of the most important insights for a business is the ability to look into the needs and wants of its potential customers. To be able to see the likes and dislikes, as well as track moments in their individual experience is almost worth more than gold. It is in those moments where a brand is best able to engage with those customers and offer its product or service to complement or help repair the situation. Anagog is the service that provides that clarity.

By using artificial intelligence and phone sensors, like GPS, the platform, known as JEDAI, is able to determine what a customer needs at a particular moment. This is done by creating a virtual persona of the person, which is a generalization of the person's interests and habits. With that persona, a business can engage with their customers in a direct and meaningful way.

The service is implemented within a company's own app through an ADK (software development kit) and is intended specifically to learn about the customer within the context of that business. Take, for example, a department store. Every store has its own app that allows you to browse the product line and make purchases. But, they also make recommendations, based on the products you have explored. If you have only ever looked at women's clothing, then it would make no sense to recommend kids' toys.

Now, imagine if the app was able to do the same thing, but while you are in the store. It can see the sections of the store that you frequent to improve recommendations. Maybe, every time you go to the store, you stop by the board games. That would be an indicator that board games are an interest, even though you have never looked at them in the app.

Most importantly, the system is designed for personal privacy. While most analytics services transmit their persona data to a server for analysis, the JEDAI system is able to do all of the analysis and recommendations on the device. This means that your data remains on your device and, therefore, in your control. It is a seismic shift in the data market.

JEDAI is available now for both Android and iOS. To learn more about how the platform can help, check out their website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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