AURA Devices helps maintain healthy hydration during sports @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

AURA Devices helps maintain healthy hydration during sports @ CES 2020

Wednesday Apr 8, 2020 (00:08:06)


One of the issues that face athletes is proper hydration. Each person's body is different, and that means that there are no general rules that work across the board. It also varies greatly by what you are doing. Some sports are more involved and produce more sweat on a regular basis, while others are "start and stop", making the exertion different. Then there's the variation between seasons, where people tend to sweat more during the summer than in the winter. The best way to determine the right process for hydration is through AURA Devices sensors.

While most people know that under hydrating is dangerous, what most people don't know is that over-hydrating can be just as dangerous. It dilutes important substances in your blood, which prevents the proper behavior of the body. By using the AURA Strap or AURA Band from AURA Devices, you can get an accurate idea of your body's current needs. The Strap is a band for your Apple Watch that adds a sensor on the backside of your wrist. The Band is similar but is a standalone device that doesn't require the Apple Watch. The sensor itself detects hydration and body mass index (BMI) on-demand, meaning that it will run the test when you ask it to.

The best way to use it is to run a test before you begin your activity to determine your hydration level and then do it regularly throughout your activity. This gives the system the ability to determine the change in your body during your workout process and make recommendations to correct your current situation.

The AURA Band is available now for $179 and the AURA Strap is available for preorder for $99. To learn more about the system or purchase a device, check out the company's website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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