Plott Carta is augmented reality for large home projects @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

Plott Carta is augmented reality for large home projects @ CES 2020

Saturday Apr 4, 2020 (00:05:02)


One of the main reasons people fail to complete home renovation projects is because they don't go as planned. I think most of us have had the experience of trying to hang a collection of photos or paintings and none of the items line up. Having a failure like that can be really discouraging and can prevent people from trying other projects in the future. With the help of Plott, anyone can achieve their home project goals.

The company currently has two main products. The first is the Cubit, which is a digital, augmented reality measuring tape. You can learn more about the Cubit in a future episode. The other product is the Carta, which is a large, digital measuring wheel. In addition to the traditional feature of a measuring wheel - measuring distance - the Carta is able to track the full route and place it on a map. This is great for mapping out a new garden, a deck, a pool, and more.

Once you have the path mapped out, you can make educated decisions about the project. Whether you need to purchase boundary materials for a garden or wood for a deck, having proper measurements will allow you to know exactly what materials you're going to need. You can also annotate the map, including marking points of interest, such as large rocks, and make notes about the project. Once your map is together, you can share your project files with someone else to help.

The really exciting part of the product is the ability to take the digital world and place it back in the real world. Using an existing map, you can place the Carta in a starting position and it will allow you to re-walk the same path, so you can place your frame for your desk, the boundary for your garden, etc.

The Plott Carta is available now for $199, and the Plott Cubit is available for $119.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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