Real Graphene USA is making batteries faster and stronger @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

Real Graphene USA is making batteries faster and stronger @ CES 2020

Tuesday Mar 24, 2020 (00:09:17)


As we continue to carry more and more electronic devices with us on a regular basis, from phones and tablets to headphones and watches, power is continually the challenge. Between the amount of time required to charge these devices to the lifespan of their batteries, we all seem to be challenged by our batteries. While some companies, like Samsung, have worked to address some of these charging issues, companies like Apple are known for constant battery problems. Luckily, work on battery science has led to Real Graphene USA, a company with enhanced battery technology.

By using graphene batteries, a user's experience with their devices can be completely changed. When used in a smartphone, a standard lithium-ion battery takes about 90 minutes to charge. In comparison, a battery from Real Graphene USA takes about 20 minutes to charge. While other companies have offered quick charging for phones, the biggest downfall is the heat produced. However, because the graphene batteries are designed for quick charging, they are able to accomplish the goal without producing all of the heat.

Another problem with traditional batteries is their lifespan. Anyone who owns an Apple device knows the struggle of having to carry an external battery charger for the inevitable death of a device. The company's graphene-based batteries, despite their fast charge time, manage to have a longer battery life than lithium-ion batteries in the same device.

While we see new battery technology show up at CES every year, the batteries from Real Graphene USA are different. The technology is far beyond conceptual, as they are already integrated into products. One of those products is a portable charger, which is about the size of a regular portable battery but has the ability to charge up to 105 watts at once.

To learn more about Real Graphene USA or purchase one of their products, check out the company's website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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