DFree uses ultrasound to help maintain bladder control @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

DFree uses ultrasound to help maintain bladder control @ CES 2020

Saturday Mar 7, 2020 (00:06:03)


As we age, a lack of bladder control is something that many people suffer. For years, the only way to deal with it has been with medication or adult diapers. The first only works for a short while for some people, and diapers carry with them a social stigma. For most people, if they could simply know a little earlier when they needed to go, it would make a world of difference. That's where DFree comes in.

DFree is a small wearable device that is able to give the wearer that early warning sign that they need to be able to use the bathroom before an accident happens. This, of course, allows the wearer to maintain a significantly higher level of normal life activity than medication or diapers usually would.

One of the best aspects of the DFree device is that it is non-invasive. That means that the entire device is external to the body, so no expensive medical procedures. It also means that people who are squeamish about medical stuff can use it without having to address their concerns. Instead, the device uses ultrasound to monitor your bladder all day. That data is constantly analyzed to detect when you need to use the bathroom and gives you an alert through your phone or tablet before it is too late.

The product comes in two varieties: one for personal use and one for professional use. The first is designed for those who are aging in place or people who are trying to live a more independent life. The second is designed to be used in hospitals and assisted living facilities where more than just the wearer can get alerts.

The DFree system is available now to rent or own. To learn more about the product, check out the company's website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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