LiBEST's flexible battery could power next-gen wearables @ CES 2020 - Show Notes

LiBEST's flexible battery could power next-gen wearables @ CES 2020

Thursday Feb 27, 2020 (00:09:55)


When dealing with small electronics, especially wearable technology, one of the biggest limiting factors have consistently been battery technology. Watches and fitness bands are the size, shape, and weight that they are almost entirely because of the batteries that are included. Some companies have tried to distribute the batteries, with limited success. For example, Microsoft put half of the battery system in the clasp of the Microsoft Band, but that simply made it thick in two places. LiBEST has a new design that could change all of that.

This new battery technology is both thin and flexible, making it far more versatile for wearable devices. If this battery had been available for the Microsoft Band, the distributed battery could have been placed within the band itself, rather than in the clasp. That would mean that the clasp wouldn't have been so large, the screen could have stayed thin, and the battery life could have been as good, or better than it was in production.

In addition to wearable bands, there are other places where a flexible battery could be a benefit. Take, for example, a full-cup Bluetooth headset. By using the existing headband, which is usually empty, as housing for these LiBEST flexible batteries, you could add additional battery life to the product. Imagine not having to charge your headphones for an entire trip, as opposed to every couple of days.

The most exciting development that can come from LiBEST technology is in products that haven't been thought of before. Often, our minds limit themselves to the confines that we know of, such as the rigidity of batteries. By removing that limitation, a whole new generation of technologies could be created, such as completely flexible devices.

To find out more about the LiBEST flexible battery technology, check out the company's website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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