BIO-H2-GEN is hoping to bring a new process for producing hydrogen - Show Notes

BIO-H2-GEN is hoping to bring a new process for producing hydrogen

Monday Sep 2, 2019 (00:15:15)


In the next generation of energy production, hydrogen is going to play a major role. That is regardless of the energy method, whether it be hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen fusion, and even used for space travel. However, the current limitation to hydrogen as a fuel source is in the production of the hydrogen itself. It is expensive, both in terms of money and resources. That may all change if William Knapp's company, BIO-H2-GEN, can get their technology off the ground.

Knapp's patented technology uses a ready, nearly never-ending source of materials for production, coming from wastewater treatment. As it stands now, these treatment facilities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove and dispose of the bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide in their facilities. However, this same chemical can be used to produce hydrogen with a zero-carbon process. By adding this process to the treatment facilities, they can reduce their treatment costs, as well as generate revenue from the resulting hydrogen.

BIO-H2-GEN is still at an early stage. They received 20 patents early this year for the technology. This was an important validation of the technology and the process, which helps move to the next stage: testing. The company is currently looking for a partner to help bring the idea out of the concept and into reality. This would require building one or more pilot plants, which could be distributed to treatment facilities for monitoring.

Knapp has already tapped a couple of engineering firms, with whom he will spend several weeks perfecting a prototype refinery, once partners come forward. The partners needed are for production and capital for operational and equipment expenses. For more information on the process, or to contact the company to inquire about partnering, you can check out the company's website.

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