AlgaeTracker is the new way to prevent algae growth in your water - Show Notes

AlgaeTracker is the new way to prevent algae growth in your water

Tuesday Aug 20, 2019 (00:09:47)


In this day and age, clean water is vital and being threatened in many ways. Harmful bacteria and algae blooms are everywhere and it is crucial to be able to rectify or better yet, prevent the problem in the first place. That's where Chris Lee comes in. He is the founder and CEO of AquaRealTime, a company created to prevent contamination of natural waterways lakes, rivers, streams and the oceans.

Good algae can have a lot of positive benefits that include nutritional supplements and are used to produce biofuel. However, there are also harmful algae, which can have many toxins in it that cause sickness and diseases. Chris has come up with an easy and very affordable way to predict and prevent this. The system uses sensors that float in the water, anchored to docks, buoys, and just held in place with a boat anchor in the targeted area, combined with predictive analytics that runs in the cloud. The most important thing about these sensors is that they are small, at only 10 pounds and can be installed in a few hours by one person, rather than 200 pounds and needing 2 men for about a week and a half. That sends notices to customers, such as the government agencies and water management districts about what is happening so they can avert disaster. This can also be of great benefit to hotels, country clubs, and HOAs.

Also, interested parties can purchase reports regarding data from the past. For example, the Gulf Coast states who were affected by the Red Tide are starting to contact their insurance companies for reimbursement of damages. These insurance companies will want to investigate and prove damages. Part of that process is retrieving historical data.

The product is in testing now and is looking for people who are willing to participate. For more information, go to their website.

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