Aclima Makes Sense of the World Around Us - Show Notes

Aclima Makes Sense of the World Around Us

Monday May 29, 2017 (00:15:31)


Aclima was founded on the premise that planetary health and human health are interconnected. That our environment effects the way do things. They are bridging the gap between ourselves and the natural world in order to create a new awareness and environmental intelligence. To accomplish this, they perform large scale environment sensor networks in buildings and cities.

We now know that the environment around us contributes to our cognitive function. Things like the increased rate of CO2, light, sound, etc., around us can have a significant impact on how we process information and interact with others. Aclima measures these levels in buildings to give companies an idea of where they stand and an understanding of how this impacts human emotion and ultimately even the bottom line.

Our own PLuGHiTz staff found it fascinating to learn how the environment in the convention center changed with increased activity and we were able to directly correlate that to our own moods and interactions as the day progressed. Find out more about this fascinating process in this interview and to learn even more, check out their website.

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Scott Ertz


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