Episode 220 - Show Notes

Episode 220

Sunday Sep 11, 2011 (01:27:27)


This week, Spotify Syncs up with Ford, Twitter fails to sync with integration partners and Microsoft allows you to sync your mouse.

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Nike Comes Back From the Future With Back to the Future

Leave it to Nike to come out with something that people have been clamoring to make into reality for what seems to be eons now. Nike's factories have been dialed up with some flux capacitors to bring to the world the "Back for the Future" 2011 Nike Mag. Yes, that's right, the shoes from the Back to the Future movie!

Google Goes Zagat

Ever since Google discontinued using third party reviews on Places, we all knew it was only a matter of time before they bought their way back to relevance and this week they did just that. After an unsuccessful attempt to initiate a buyout a few years back, Zagat has officially been purchased by Google. This will most certainly change the social review landscape as we know it.


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Control All of Your Computers With a Single Mouse, From the Garage

We've never talked about The Garage from Microsoft here at The UpStream, but it is something worth mentioning. The Garage is an initiative at Microsoft, similar to Google Labs, where employees are encouraged to work in innovative projects. Unlike Google Labs, however, some pretty impressive stuff has come out of The Garage. Most of the projects are eventually integrated into an existing Microsoft project or are used internally to speed development or deployment of said projects. From time to time, however, a project is so unique and so useful that it deserves to stand on its own, and today we have one such project.

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Spotify Drops in on Ford, Syncs Up Some Mad Beats

This weekend's Hackathon in San Francisco showed some really cool, new, innovative tech off to the masses. Specifically, we saw Spotify and Ford team up "unofficially" to show everyone how easy (and how cool) it is to integrate with Ford's voice-activated SYNC system. Spotify was there to explain details on how easy the API and SDK are and to encourage developers to "hack" the in-dash system to make some great apps.


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