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Detective Toad: Mushroom of Mystery - Episode 1

Friday Aug 11, 2017 (00:17:26)


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Toad is just an unqualified Mushroom who decided to fight crime after several rejections from the 3000 Brigade, the true keepers of the peace in the Nintendo Universe. Now he fancies himself a problem-solving porcini, a caper cracking cremini, a super sleuthing shiitake… a Mushroom of Mystery for the little guy when the 3KB won’t help. With no training and few skills, the adventures of Detective Toad are sure to be filled with haphazard hijinks, misguided mystery, and fungal follies!

In our first instalment, we find Detective Toad in his newly opened Detective Office waiting for his first case. A desperate call for help and poor phone service leave detective Toad with a client, and without a clue. Will Toad be able to crack the case and prove he is the Mushroom of Mystery he claims to be? Will he save the day and prove he has what it takes to be a hero? Will this be just the start of an ongoing Nintendo Noir podcast from the 3KB? Tune in to W3KB Radios first thrilling episode of Detective Toad: Mushroom of Mystery to find out!


  • Jason McComb as Toad
  • Erin Hurst as Princess Peach


  • Frisk as Fabian Fungai
  • Porocora in Commercial 1
  • Sir Splee in Commercial 2
  • Bella on Sound Effects
  • Galaxy Rose on Sound Effects

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