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Barnes & Noble @ Pinellas Comic and Maker Con

Saturday Sep 10, 2016 (00:10:00)


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When you think of electronics and robotics, Barnes & Noble might not be the first name to come into your head, but it might be time to change your way of thinking. Similar to how libraries are changing the type of knowledge they contain, so has Barnes & Noble. Today, in addition to the books and periodicals you would expect, the store also carries electronic kits, robots and more.

Elizabeth Dunn from the Saint Petersburg store talks with us about the change in culture and products for the company. Today, each store has its own social media accounts so that they can interact properly with the local community. Each store holds events - some of which are in conjunction with corporate, while others are entirely local. One of the more surprising events is a Mini Maker Faire taking place at all locations on November 5th.

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