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eSmart Recycling @ Pinellas Comic and Maker Con

Saturday Sep 10, 2016 (00:13:57)


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In the US, we have a lot of electronic waste. If you need an example, take a look at what is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Note7. More universally, though, as people upgrade their computers, older models need to go somewhere - but where?

Tony Selvaggio spoke with us about his company, eSmart Recycling, which takes those old electronics off your hands and finds new uses for them. Some may have zero value, but others have great value to developing countries. What we consider to be an antique laptop is far better than what is used in some schools in other countries. Tony's company takes those computers, as well as the revenue from scrapping other devices, and fund computer labs around the globe.

If you have older electronics that can be recycled, you can contact eSmart Recycling through their website.

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