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Electrathon of Tampa Bay @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016

Saturday Apr 9, 2016 (00:14:56)


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Thanks to companies like Tesla, electric vehicles have become part of the popular culture once again. Whenever something becomes that popular, it is inevitable that it will become a popular part of the maker community as well. We speak with Nick Brothers from Electrathon of Tampa Bay about how their organization fits in. This group produces races for 3 and 4 wheel electric vehicles that are produced by small teams.

Unlike some other engineering clubs, Electrathon vehicles are relatively inexpensive, meaning that the barrier to entry is lower to create a new team. Teams do not have a lot of limitations, meaning just about anyone can participate. The largest challenge posed by the competition is energy efficiency, since batteries are pre-determined and vehicles must survive an entire hour of racing.

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