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Mentagy @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2016

Saturday Apr 9, 2016 (00:15:26)


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Challenge Yourself with a Game of Mentagy!

Allyn Kahn has invented a new, award winning letter-based puzzle game called Mentagy. This game challenges your critical thinking skills by making you think ahead to complete a puzzle board. Kahn taught college mathematics, philosophy, and critical thinking/logic and later coached afterschool chess. He realized that the complexity in chess can really test the patience of people of all ages and he decided to create a game that can challenge people in the same way.

Mentagy is a puzzle for all ages and is easy to learn! It can be described as a letter version of Sudoku and can even be compared to the old-school game, Snake because the completed solution wraps around in a similar way. In this interview, Kahn demonstrates how to play on a physical peg board but an activity book version is also available for purchase. The activity book has multiple levels of difficulty inside and the completed solution in the back.

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