Eureka! Factory @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015 - PLuGHiTz Live - Special Events - Show Notes

Eureka! Factory @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015

Saturday Oct 10, 2015 (00:21:34)


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As always, we end our coverage with our good friend Terri Willingham. Terri is known in the community not for sitting around talking about what might be possible, but instead for getting things done. Because of this, there are a lot of really exciting programs in the Tampa area to help promote education, engineering and the maker culture.

Between ROBOTICON, Gulf Coast MakerCon, TEDxTampaRiverwalk and a myriad of programs based in libraries. She has also been involved in building makerspaces in libraries and even co-authored a book on the topic and trains library staff on the culture.

In addition to all of this, Terri is also Regional Director of FIRST in Central Florida. She sat down with us to talk about this event, future FIRST events in the area, including the upcoming Orlando FRC Regional, and her other events, including TEDxYouth@TampaRiverwalk in November and the next Gulf Coast MakerCon in April.

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