Robotic Bacon Eating Narwhals (FTC 10204) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015 - PLuGHiTz Live - Special Events - Show Notes

Robotic Bacon Eating Narwhals (FTC 10204) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015

Saturday Oct 10, 2015 (00:11:34)


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Sometimes it can be hard being the new kid in town. You have to learn your way around, you have to learn the rules of the area and get to know people, all in a short period of time. When you add engineering into the equation it only gets more difficult.

That isn't slowing down rookie FTC team Robotic Bacon Eating Narwhals. This team, the first we have seen with a 5 digit team number, is confident about their capabilities and even brought a fully functional robot to the scrimmage, while many established teams did not.

Despite some of the difficulties of this year's game, the kids are excited about aprticipating, and believe they can be competitive at the local and state levels. We spoke with Picabo Lesh about why she got involved with FIRST, her experiences so far and how the team is doing thus far.

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