TechnoKnights (FTC 7263) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015 - PLuGHiTz Live - Special Events - Show Notes

TechnoKnights (FTC 7263) @ ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2015

Saturday Oct 10, 2015 (00:09:33)


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FIRST events run thanks to the kindness of volunteers. Between judges, referees, coaches, pit crews and more, almost everyone involved is a volunteer. While parents, alumni and community members make up a large percentage of the volunteers, some teams get involved in volunteering as well.

In the Tampa area, the TechnoKnights are well-known for their volunteer time. Their coach is a referee, their students help out at almost all events, and they even offer their school for competitions. Around all of the volunteering, they still find time to run a successful FTC team that is one of the most spirited around.

We spoke with team captain Alana Lindie about her role on the team, her experiences with FIRST and her plans after school.

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